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The more I grow as a mom the more I find how I could do things differently. With each child I seem to change my ways, and do things a bit differently.

Princess V as a toddler. I promise this isn’t really how I gave Time Outs.
I call it experimenting until I find the right way. Disciplining children is never fun, for the parents or the kids. Sometimes I think it hurts me more than them. So I get laid back, I don’t follow through.

Have you ever done that? Not followed through? It really backfires on us. The kids think they can get away with something if we don’t follow through, and the next time they’ll push it even further.

I guess where my problem comes, is when they tell me I don’t love them because I did follow through. It emotionally effects me, because I do love them! I have to remind myself though, I discipline because I love them!

When Princess V was a toddler, and we started Time Outs, I would have to sit there with her. Otherwise, she wouldn’t stay put. It sort of defeated the purpose of Time Out. When Princess C was a toddler, we tried it again, and she would stay. So we began giving Time Outs again. At one point, I decided Time Outs just weren’t effective for every situation. Sometimes, the Princesses just needed time apart. Sometimes they needed a nap. And sometimes, mommy needed a Time Out. So for awhile I would send them to their rooms for “Quiet Time”. Time they could play alone, read a book, or take a nap. Usually this fixed the problem.

Now we have another problem. All 3 Princesses share a room again, so sending one to their room, usually results in the others following, and more problems or fighting or whatever was going on. We’ve tried sending them to our master room, but that has created other problems – like kids getting into things they shouldn’t – ahem my chocolate stash…..

Well, mompact send me a package of goodies, including the Penalty Pal. It inspired me to try a Time Out corner again. Somewhere I can keep my eye on them. The great thing about the Penalty Pal though, is it allows them something to look at. Something that is fun, yet serious. It helps distract them from what may have been causing problems (ya know, like their sisters!).

I’ve already tried this new corner out with Princess R, and it really helped! Instead of her trying to sneak out of a Time Out she stayed there. It distracted her enough to calm down. Once she was calm, I was able to talk to her about her behavior.

“Pushing both hands on baby brothers face is not ok. Laying across sisters head is not ok. Don’t touch faces please!”

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5 thoughts on “Create a Time Out Corner with Penalty Pal #mompactLNO

  1. This is an awesome idea! My little devil for some reason always goes to his corner when I say "time out". He can be disobeying everything else I say, but never fails when I say those words!

  2. Disciplining is always the hardest part of parenting, plus different tactics work on different kids. My daughter laughs at me when I put her in time out, so frustrating!

  3. Time outs worked for us for a while, and now they are harder as the kids try to just get up. I think it has worked well to teach my kids deep breathing to calm down.

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