Creating the Perfect Outdoor Space

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When we were looking for a house to buy, we had a hard time finding the perfect home that also had the perfect yard.  Having kids that love to play outside, meant we really needed the perfect yard for them.  We found a number of homes we loved, but the yards were either non-existent, or surrounded the house in a way that wasn’t kid friendly.

The deciding factor for this house we are now in, was the backyard. It was indeed perfect. The house, not so much, but we can work with that. There is only so much you can do to a yard when the house is already on it.

Now that we have the perfect yard, all I have to do is style it around us.  The previous owner left a number of items with the house, including these beautiful, but in need of an up do, metal chairs.

I’m not a big fan of the red marbled look.  The black I can’t decide if I still want to keep or not. I’m thinking a coat of white would really look good, but that does show more dirt outside. Either way, I’m pulling some inspiration for the fabric from One King’s Lane Soft Landing Sale (4/3-4/5).

Hojas 20x20 Outdoor Pillow, Blue
I’m really in love with this blue leaf pattern. I think if I coupled it with a white frame on the chair, it would give a nice pop of color to our back patio.
Have I mentioned how much I love One King’s Lane?  I put together this little inspiration board for our backyard with items in their Day of Outdoor Sale!
It’s always nice to dream isn’t it?  To me the soft whites, and blues accented with some black would transport me straight to the beach.

What is your outdoor style?  Comfort, entertainment, or kid centered? 

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(sale lasts through Friday April 5th or while supplies last!)
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8 thoughts on “Creating the Perfect Outdoor Space

  1. I need to freshen up our backyard now that it is Spring. I am still searching for a bistro set for one of the sitting area and trying to decide what to do in my rose garden. I love the look of those ivory lanterns, if you painted the metal art chairs to match that would make an awesome combination especially with the turquoise pillows

  2. Our back yard is pretty much a dog area. We're out in a rural area so our boys play anywhere on the property. I'd love to add some grass to this one small area in our front yard so the boys can set up a slip n slide this summer. We do have a small garden to the side of the house.

    Angi from Tim and Angi's Blog

    1. that's pretty nice Angi! We live in a pretty rural area as well, just don't have as much property as those around us. Looking out the front of my house is a whole slew of farming land, and we do have the ditch right next to us as well – we really need to fence the yard in for the kids and dog because of that.

  3. I love that you bought your house based on the yard–after living in apartments and condos until now when we finally got a yard I was in LOVE! I can't wait till we can buy our own space so I can set up the yard just how I want–I do love yours!

    And yeah–the red marble, yikes!!! I do like the black of the chairs though–that fabric just needs an update! 😉

    1. I completely understand Nicole! We've been in apartments with no yard where we couldn't even leave stuff on the patio (oh that was so annoying!), and rented everything from someone's attic to campus living. Having a yard was definitely the most important factor for us.

  4. I need to get these rotting trees out of the way so I can have space! I have a small patio area and lots of pine needles! I would love a larger patio for BBQ and more grass for Michael to play in when the weather is nice

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