Creating a sitting area

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It has happened again. I always want to rearrange the furniture, but for some reason I never do until I’m pregnant. Some hormone or something really kicks in and my motivation moves up a couple notches. We have this very nice bay window right inside our front door. Although it is nice, it is also a bit of an awkward area. I had turned it into a craft area for awhile, but it just became a dumping ground for everything. Eventually we want to put in a window seat. In the meantime though, here’s some arrangements I’ve come up with this morning.

the dumping grounds

All cleaned out

2 chairs with side table

1 chair with side table

2 chairs with bass drum table

1 chair with bass drum table.

I’m leaning towards the 1 chair with the side table. I may even pull out a bookshelf to go next to the chair.  That may just cause more messes though. Opinions?

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