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I probably won’t be doing this weekly unless I’ve got some amazing stuff to share, but I do want to periodically let you in on my life. I think Becky’s Currently link up is a great way to do that! I’d love to hear what you’re currently up to as well!


Currently I’m loving being a renter! The heating element in the oven broke, scaring me half to death, but because we rent, I don’t have to take care of it! Woot woot! I’m also loving on my crock pot while we wait for the new part to come in.  Have you cleaned your oven lately? Does it scare you to clean? Don’t overlook cleaning this appliance!! It was actually on my to do list for next week. Whether it broke from being dirty or something else, having a clean oven is just safe.


Mark for buying my a crock pot for Christmas. It may have seemed like a silly present to him, but it has made our Tuesdays awesome, and this week will become very handy! The cake that was headed to the oven got a quick switch to the crock pot. 

Counting Down

The days to do my taxes. We’re still waiting on some W-2’s, but I’ve found a new friend to help us figure out all the information once we have it. One reason I never started a direct sales job is because I didn’t want to do taxes. Who knew blogging would force me into that! Turns out it really isn’t too bad if you know the right people to help you. 


The whole house!! I’m still in a Facebook support group, and seeing other organize and clean their homes has been inspiring me to get down and dirty with out own. Currently the big chore is the bathroom – organizing the linen and toiletry shelves. One shelf down, 3 more plus the cupboards to go!


If you want to know right now, right this instance, we’re watching Finding Nemo. Most days it’s some kid cartoon (which I totally love). In the evenings Mark and I spend time with Captain Picard and the Enterprise Crew. When I get to pick and have a little “me time”, you can find me watching Numbers. 


We just celebrated Princess C’s birthday with lots of friends. Next on the celebration list is my brothers birthday (putting together a package this week), and shortly following that up with Mark’s. Send me you carrot cake recipes please!


Attempting to eat a more clean diet. I joined a 5 day Clean Eating challenge on Facebook this week as well. So far it has me drinking more water, and trying to make the small changes. I won’t go completely clean, but I do need to cut back my sweets, and be better with the fruits and veggies – and water. I need to drink more water ya’ll!
So what are you currently up to? Share with me in the comments, or link up at Choose Happy

6 thoughts on “Currently in February

  1. Making small changes in your eating habits is better for you, will prevent you from crashing and burning…and I don't eat completely clean it burns me out and I do more damage than if I give myself a treat a couple times a week and I make better decisions on those treats too! Happy Birthday to your little princess and I hope your oven gets fixed soon!

  2. The crockpot is a lovely thing isn't it! My oven has done that before, it actually caught fire before it broke! It's a pretty easy fix though so I hope yours gets fixed quickly!

  3. My oven needs to be cleaned too! EEK
    I do LOVE my crockpot 🙂
    I love your daughter's curls!!!!!!!! How sweet 🙂

    Thank you so much for joining my link up! Have a great weekend!

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