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When my friend Becky decided to start a “Currently” link up, I thought it would be fun to join in. This will hopefully give you a little closer look into my life at the moment, and bring us closer as friends! I’d love to hear in the comments, on Facebook or even in your own post what you are currently up to!
Thinking About..
Currently I’m thinking about how to make more time in my days. I have so many grand plans, but there is so little time in the day. So I’m finding ways to make more time in my day – or to be intentional about how I use my time.
Life! 2014 was a really really hard year. Right now though I am just loving life. It’s still hard, but I’ve changed my perspective, and with a new word for 2015, I see things fresh. Life is good y’all. Embrace it. 
I just started a new ARC for the book Lavina. I’m not sure I care for it too much, but I’m giving it a couple more chapters before I decide for sure or not. Also reading Kidnapped by Robert Louise Steven with my family (family book club rocks!). I have 2 I need to pick up from the library this week for my other book clubs as well. 
Some awesome things for the blog! I whipped up a quick simple dinner the other night that was fabulous. Which got me thinking about other quick and simple dinners. A series is in the works to get you out of dinners ruts, without making too much work for you.
Currently nothing. Mm, but now I want some cookies and banana bread. Some baking probably needs to happen soon. Last thing we “baked” were some No-Bakes that happen to be Mark’s favorite. The kids love them too. 
Thankful for…
Many wonderful friends! Recently a dear friend drove down to our Utah house and painted the counter tops for us. She doesn’t live terribly close, but she’s someone I knew could be trusted with paint and kitchen counters. Fingers crossed this new look will help sell the house. (Why would I trust someone else to do this for me? Well because she’s a more creative person then I! Check out her blog and swimwear line at Whimsey Lane Apparel).

4 thoughts on “Currently in my Life…

  1. This is a great idea for a regular post. Readers always like to catch up on what is happening in your life. Things seem to be looking OK… if there is snow little kids are happy.

    1. things are good Diane 🙂 I agree, snow makes the kids happy. They have really enjoyed having snow on the ground that actually stays for longer then a few days at a time.

  2. Wow! What a great friend to do that painting for you guys, for me, it would be the only way it would get done lol I am not a painter that way! Looks like a great week, good luck finding more time…sometimes I wish we were on one of those planets with like a 62 hour day! 😛

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