Daylight Savings Time Sleep Tips

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This Sunday is Daylight Savings Time. Every year my newsfeed floods with friends and the dread of kids losing that extra hour of sleep. No parent wants to lose sleep, because come on, most of us are probably running on very little sleep as it is.

Sleep Number recently took a new sleep survey and put together some tips to help you get through this weekend without feeling like you lost any sleep. Rather, you may even feel more rested! I’ve added a few of my own tips as well.

Start a day early

This is something I truly think makes a difference in the mindset. On Saturday, I automatically start thinking of everything as an hour later. Lunch at 11, dinner, at 4 or 5, and bedtime for the kids at 7. By thinking of everything as an hour later, you lose your hour during the day before, instead of at night when your body is recharging. 


Screen Free Zone

Survey results indicate that people who use devices in bed are more likely to feel they don’t get enough sleep (51 percent). 66% of respondents bringing devices to bed are from the Western US. 

You’ve heard it before, I’ll repeat it again. Keep the screens out of the bedroom. Screens have a tendency to keep us awake, for me mostly because it draws me in – ooo facebook, hey another Instagram like, I wonder what I need to work on tomorrow…. You know how it goes.


Make a bed on the floor

Alright, this is not just a Daylight Savings Time sleep tip. No no, this is my personal tip for sleeping anytime with small children. I know many of you have kids out there like mine. They get up in the night. No real reason, other than they woke up and have this incurable need to wake up mom. I get why some couples buy a King size bed! We prefer our Queen, though, so my solution is a floor “bed”. Basically, I toss an extra pillow on the floor before I fall asleep, and have a blanket or two with it. The older kids know to just lay down and go to sleep. The younger two are still learning, but it keeps them near me, without sleeping on me. 


15 More Minutes

Over half – 54% – of survey respondents report they are not getting enough sleep to be at their best. 

Sleep Number suggests adding a mere 15 minutes into your sleep schedule. Baby steps I’ve learned are the key to long term success. Add 15 minutes, and start feeling more rested.

Monitor Sleep

58% of survey respondents wish they knew more about how to improve the quality of their sleep, yet only 16% actually monitor their sleep habits. Also, women are more likely to monitor their sleep then men. 

I am bad at this. I really don’t monitor my sleep at all. The harder it has been getting with the kids, though, I’ve been thinking more about just what kind of sleep I’m getting.  Sleep Number’s Sleep IQ technology offers a simple solution to those who want to know better sleep.

Prep Breakfast

Again, this works great for anytime, but especially Daylight Savings Time. If you don’t have anywhere to be early Sunday morning, prep breakfast the night before. Set out bowls for cereal, cut up some fruit, toss some Oatmeal in the Crockpot, whatever you want for breakfast. Then when the kids or spouse wake up early, and you want to sleep in, they don’t have to bother you for breakfast!

What are your Daylight Savings Time tips?

6 thoughts on “Daylight Savings Time Sleep Tips

  1. Really I want to thank Adelina for such amazing posting! Actually I was looking for some ideas to adjust sleeping time for my kids. They usually sleeps early and wakes up as well. So I like the making bed at floor idea pretty much. Looking forward to follow here provided daylight saving time sleep tips.

  2. Nice advise! I think the preparing breakfast part is a great idea. It always helps me get up when I have something to look forward to! We’ve been doing smoothies in our house!

  3. Working from home and having a kiddo whos a bit older is making me not dread the time change this year. But you definitely have some great tips though, I have been trying to prep my morning the night before, especially having my coffee in the french press ready for the hot water!!
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