Decorating for Halloween

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I did, I (er Mark) finally got our Halloween decorations out of storage. I don’t know why I didn’t do it when I pulled out fall stuff out.  But that’s ok, because it’s out now!  We only have a few things left to do this week – find/make a large spider for our spider web, and get pumpkins for painting and carving!

Easy to make porch spider web, and cheap too! I just pulled out our black yarn and started wrapping it around! Princess V helped with the scissors

Yes it’s a bit small for the door, but I like it.  ~Spooky~

These gourd I won over at Gingerbread and Snowflakes. The requirement though was that I try my hand at this artsy technique.  I colored the both with colored pencils (it was all I had!). Then paint over them with black acrylic paint. Finally using toothpicks scratch out a design. My art skills are lacking, but the Princesses though they were pretty cool and can tell that one says Spooky in a spider web and the other is a witch with a boiling cauldron.  The colors from underneath should show through, but mine didn’t turn out so great. It’s definitley a technique I want to continue playing around with though!

My awesome happy Halloween blocks I won from Cafemom!

Last but not least is our haunted house. It’s actualy a music box, but it doesn’t work. This item I got for FREE from a yard sale a couple years. One of these days I may try and fix the music box, but for now the Princesses enjoy spinning the top wheel and watching the witch zoom around in circles.

3 thoughts on “Decorating for Halloween

  1. Thank you so much for sending the link so i could see how your gourds turned out! I am sorry you are disappointed with the color coming through. Mine did come out more intense that this but it could be caused by so many different variables.

    Like you, I still think there are possibilities for the effect to be greater and i am going to keep trying too! Will keep you posted!

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