Design Impasse

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Well, I’m stumped.  We’re not sure how to arrange our front room.  It’s a great space with awesome windows, but things just haven’t clicked yet for me.  Here’s what I’m working with

The way we have it set up right now I like because it opens up the windows, allowing in that natural light.  I don’t like it because it makes the room look and feel smaller.
We originally had the couch on the back wall there, with the chairs on either side facing in.  The problem with that is the couch pretty much covered the windows, and lef the room feeling unbalanced. 
Any ideas for me? If this was your front room, what would you do?  I guess maybe I should start with getting all the stuff that doesn’t belong out. So much stuff!!
On a different note – what do you think of this fan?
Walking into the house this is the first thing I saw and fell in love with. It makes me happy!

One thought on “Design Impasse”

  1. I think your on the right track….clear out everything except for the big furniture items and since you stated you like the naturally light coming in then why have both curtains and blinds go with just one not both. You could go for black out curtains or roman shades or something like that. For me it helps to determine what purpose the room will have-will it be a sit and be nice formal room or a tv watching room or a playroom or whatever. Also determine from the front door how you naturally walk though the room to get to the next room and then don't block that path with anything. Since you love the fan use that as your inspiration for the rest of the room on how you decorate it! With that pick what colors you will use for accessories or pillows, etc good luck can't wait to see the finished room

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