Dining Room Overhaul

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Today felt like we were on one of those HGTV shows with how many people were in our dining room working. Many things got accomplished at once, and I’m seeing more of an end (while wishing the end was already here). Here’s a look at what got accomplished this week.

Continuation of the wallpaper stripping and washing of walls

My sister in law, her fiance and his kids came by to help. This is E doing some cauling in the pantry. She was an awesome help!
Mark and Jeff got the ceiling and wall sheetrocked, taped and mudded in the family room.

And with lots of help the dining room got taped and mudded. 
Now we wait for it to dry….sigh. It may be worse than stripping the wallpaper, at least my hands were busy then.
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4 thoughts on “Dining Room Overhaul

  1. Isn't wallpaper stripping a blast? But seriously you are right, at least you are busy when you're doing it and not in a waiting phase. I am thrilled you linked up to Before & After and can't wait to see how this space turns out!!

  2. I can't wait to see your "after"!! This past summer, I removed wallpaper from our foyer, dining room, hallway and kitchen. At times I wanted to shoot myself in the head…but, it was so worth it!!! I did mine by myself…and having painted walls now is so nice. 🙂

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