Dining Room Remodel day 2

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I took the Princesses to the mall to search for a last minute gift and to get some play time in, while Mark stayed home and got some work done undistracted.  After yesterday, today was much more calm, as we had more of a plan of what needed to be done. 

First on the list – Check under the kitchen flooring for termite damage.

As far as we can tell, none! The support beam however goes all the way to the ground so the buggers must have climbed straight up it.
Second on the list – Remove ceiling and add temporary support beams so we can safely remove current support beam.

Check and Check!
Third on the list, await help from other men to safely remove beams and put up new ones. Sadly, plans fell through, and no help came. Thankfully there will be 3 extra men over tomorrow (yes on Christmas eve) to lend some hands and get this part done! 
Then it’s on to the flooring. We’re looking at bamboo.  Any advice, experience, or preference, I would love to hear it!

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