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Dinner Time Fun

Getting my kids to eat sometimes is like pulling teeth – something we’re becoming quite familiar with lately as well.  One kid might like it, but then everyone else won’t touch it. I even try  hard to have a little something for everyone on the plates.  Dinner time has not been a fun occurrence in our house as we beg, bribe, and demand that our kids eat something relatively healthy.

One thing I know they will all eat though is Pasta. Lots and lots of pasta. Have you ever read the book More Spaghetti, I Say! ?  Those are my kids, except they never get sick of it…never…  My pasta was boring though…toss it in a pot, add some sauce, done. Same thing every time we eat pasta – only now I’m the one who’d rather have something different, while the kids and Mark are happy.

Not the greatest photo, but the pasta here is a Spinach Basil Garlic Angel Hair, shaped into little nests. Cutest pasta nests ever with a boost of healthy…the kids didn’t know what hit them.

Then I found The Pasta Shoppe.  So many goodies, I actually got excited about having pasta again because they gave me the recipe with the pasta, and most come with a seasoning mix as well. Pasta has once again become something everyone will eat, and even I enjoy.

When our box of goodies arrived, Mark had been pretty sick with a chest cold and what beats a cold better than Chicken Noodle Soup? Luckily for us there was a box of Chicken Noodle Soup mix just waiting for us.

Mark gave this soup a thumbs up, and even had a second bowl. I loved it as well, while the kids were so so…but mostly because, GASP, I added peas to the soup.  The little chicken pastas were too adorable, I just had to line them up on the side of my bowl.

I don’t know how it keeps coming up, since I’m not really a football fan, but here I go talking about the BYU and UofU rivalry again. They had their big game a couple weeks ago (same day I got the pasta actually), and so I of course shared this picture on Instagram (I’d love for your to follow me there @adelinapriddis!) and Facebook…

I thought for a minute I should host a last minute football game for all my friends and family. Instead I decided to hold onto the pastas for another occasion – our church’s Relief Society Broadcast Dinner. I had signed up to bring a salad, and thought a little mix would be fun.

The Collegiate pasta’s come with 3 recipes, and a vinaigrette dressing mix. It was light, and so good. We had quite the turn out to our dinner, so the only comment I overheard, was from an older lady who loved the bright colors of the blue and red pasta. The bowl was cleaned out when I left.

We still have a couple more packages to try including ABC, Music, and Halloween shapes.  I can’t wait to use the ABC pasta with Princess R during our school time.

School Fundraising

The Pasta Shoppe loves helping out your school with their Fun Pasta Fundraising. You can earn between 40 and 50% from orders all going back to your school. I love a good school fundraiser, but those ones we did as a kid always seemed like random items overpriced. Not so with Fun Pasta Fundraising. Everyone loves Pasta, and their prices are pretty decent as well.  I’m heading to a PTA Board Meeting this Friday, and will be presenting all the info to our president. I’m hoping this will be one to catch on, because pasta is something I can get behind.  If you’d like more information on getting your school in on some Pasta Fundraising visit their website here
Gluten Free Pasta
For all my gluten free friends out there, The Pasta Shoppe has not forgotten you! They don’t have a lot yet, but they do have a few selections of gluten free pasta made in a dedicated Gluten Free Facility so you won’t have to worry about contamination. 
Pasta Giveaway
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A few rules before you get started…
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