Disney Planes Coloring Pages

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We are so excited for Disney’s new movie Planes!  Every time we see a preview the Princesses start getting all excited, and shouting

It’s Cars! It’s Cars!  

And then I try to explain to them that, no it’s like Cars, but it’s planes. They were made by the same people. To which my kids have now decided to call this new movie

Cars Planes!

August 9th is a long way off still, but I know this is one we’ll be going to the theater to see (and we don’t make it out to the movies often with 4 kids…).  So in the meantime, I’m very excited that Disney has put together some coloring pages for the kids to enjoy.

Just click on the image and you’ll be taken to the coloring pages you can print out.

Download Coloring & Connect the Dots

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