DIY Clarinet Lamp

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Music lovers will love this tutorial for a DIY Clarinet Lamp. Make a matching pair to really stick out in your music room. This post contains affiliate links and I will receive compensation if you click on and make a purchase. 
Last summer Mark took an old Clarinet we had and mounted it on some particle board, then threaded a lamp cord through it. He left it as is, and as much as I loved the idea, I kept telling myself I would update the lamp to look a bit nicer. 
Finally this month, I made the time. Finding the right lampshade was half the battle, but once that was found, I knew that not only would this be a Clarinet Lamp…it would also be a stage for some little Musicians we’ve had laying around the house.
We went through a number of lampshades before finding the right one. I believe this one above was #2. It was just a little too small for the overall feel though. I couldn’t wait for the right lampshade before I started updating it, so out came some paint, and I gave that base a new look. 

I was worried about the particle board showing through, and taking in too much paint, so I gave it 3 coats before calling it good. I’m still debating putting a chalkboard layer over it – what do you think??
I went back to our local thrift store to see if I could find a better shade, and this time, they had it! A nice square, to offset all the circles going on, and that’s when it hit, that this was going to be a stage. 
Some stencils quickly made using Picmonkey, a razor, and some white paint, made a simple, anyone can do it, musical shade. I used scrapbook glue dots to hold the stencil on the shade. 
There are obviously some extra bumps of paint, but I think it just adds a nice rough look to the shade. Plus, from far away, you can’t even tell. 
Time for the final touch, the little Musicians – aren’t these just awesome?!

DIY Clarinet Lamp 

What you’ll need: 
  • Old Clarinet
  • Screws
  • Circular particle board base
  • black paint
  • lampshade
  • light bulbs – I prefer GE LED Bulbs
  • lamp kit
Drill a hole through the center of the base. Carve out a section for the lamp cord to lay safely under the base. Paint your base black…or any color you prefer.  Thread your lamp wire through the clarinet, and the base. Attach the clarinet to the base using 2-3 screws. Add a light bulb, and shade. Plug in, and enjoy some musical ambiance. 

2 thoughts on “DIY Clarinet Lamp

  1. Fantastic ! I am making one with an old 1920 metal clarinet. Where did you get the “Little Musicians” I want them for my lamp.

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