DIY Despicable Me 2 Family Costume

Dress your family as Despiable Me - a costume party hit!

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Family costumes are the best! This DIY Despicable Me family costume is full of adorableness. This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you click on and purchase through them. 

Dress your family as Despiable Me - a costume party hit! I put up a poll earlier this year to help us decide what to dress up as our family costume this year. With only 1 response, we found ourselves looking for pieces to put together the perfect Despicable Me 2 family costume. 

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Having 3 girls and 2 boys, our family is really the perfect fit for this family costume. We’re big fans of the Despicable family and couldn’t wait to put it all together. The girls had a blast getting into character, and the boys enjoyed turning into Minions. Mark easily turned himself into Gru, and I got the lucky pick of becoming Lucy Wilde. 

Become a Minion for Halloween. Despicable Me 2 family costume. To become one of Gru’s Minions all you need is some overalls, a yellow shirt, and some goggles. In our case, we purchased these adorable Minion hats from a local vendor years ago. They were perfect for our little minions. If it’s cold where you’re at, some black gloves would really pull this all together. 

Dress up as the adorable Agnes from Despicable Me 2. Family costume idea. Little Agnes is the smallest of the sisters. With her big personality and adorable face, it’s the perfect fit for my youngest girl. In this photo opp we see her “holding her breath until she gets a new unicorn.” While overalls are preferred to make this authentic, my little Agnes didn’t like how they felt so we went with some blue jeans. Grab a yellow striped shirt, and then if you’re really into it, use a temporary spray to get the black hair. Finally a little gel and hairspray, and you’ve got her top pony tail. 

DIY Despicable Me 2 costume Edith. The middle sister – Edith. Full of spunk, a ninja in training, and yet still girly. A big part of our DIY Family Costume means using what we have on hand. Miss Chloe here was perfectly happy dressing up in Edith’s ninja outfit. Out of the 3 sisters, I noticed Edith has the most varied clothes throughout the movies. Our big DIY project was right here – her katana sword. I don’t think she actually has one in the movie, but she does show up with a myriad of weapons throughout the movie. 

Dress as Margo the oldest sister from Despicable Me. We finally have made it to the oldest Despicable Me sister – Margo. Our oldest fits her personality perfect. I had the most fun going shopping to find the perfect pieces for this outfit. This is the one costume we had to purchase all the pieces for – how did she not have a black tee in her closet? The non-prescription glasses really made this come together. Add a clipboard and a box of girl scout cookies, and Margo will be ready to go. 

DIY Despicable Me 2 family costume. Don’t forget the girls adopted Dad, and the minions boss – Gru. This was definitely the easiest costume to make. Mark had black pants and a black coat. Grey scarfs are easy to find, and then we spray painted our MegaGun blue to mimic his Freeze Ray. It doesn’t get more simple than that!

Make it a family costume with Despicable Me 2 characters. I had so much fun dressing up as Lucy Wilde. Looking for the perfect dress was a bit of a pain, but once I found it, everything fit into place. Add a small white purse, a polka dot scarf, some red hair, and don’t forget your LIPSTICK TASER! I did indeed dye my hair red just for this. No color hairspray for me – actual red dye. 

Fans of the Despicable Me family? This family costume idea is perfect for you then! If you don’t have enough family, grab some friends and make them part members for the night. Need another idea? Try this Inside Out Family Costume

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