DIY Drum Light

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DIY Drum Light


We felt our dining room needed different lighting. The dome light just didn’t give adequate light. In fact, I kept it off more often than on, because it made so little difference, and I saved the money. Since we were remodeling already, I figure a new light was in order as well. 
While browsing Pinterest, I came across this DIY Drum light tutorial over at From Gardners 2 Bergers.  Although I really liked how she made her drum light, she also linked over to another tutorial at The Keylor Family.  I felt my talent for craftiness was best suited with The Keylor Family’s tutorial. 
With the dining room remodel accomplished I decided to add my finishing touch with a drum light, in pure hopes we’d get much more light in the room than the current fixture gave.  A trip to the thrift store for a hanging chandelier, then to Hobby Lobby for the biggest Embroidery Hoops (23 inches)available, plexiglass, and some muslin and I was ready to begin.


DIY Drum Light

The materials:
2 Large Embroidery hoops
Plexi Glass – long enough to fit around the hoops. I used 3 sheets
Lay your plexi glass down and tape together. Carefully wrap the glass in between the hoops inner and outer hoops. Tighten the hoop, and flip it over. Attach the glass hoop to the 2nd embroidery hoop. 
Lay out your fabric, and carefully glue it over the edges to the inside of the embroidery hoop. Having 2 hands helps to hold the fabric tight and straight. 
The real hard part came next. Figuring out how to hang the light inside.  Through a collaborative effort with Mark, we got this.
A piece of wood sandwiched between a section of the light, and resting under the embroidery hoops. Our first attempt was wire hangers, but they weren’t sturdy enough.
And finally the light was hung! In my personal opinion, it’s pretty awesome!  Mark thinks it’s a little too big, and in truth it could be smaller, but hey it gives us a lot more light now!
I don’t want to leave you just hanging there so here’s a grand look at our finished dining room, complete with a DIY drum light!

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