DIY Snack Bowl For Colorful Snacking

With a designated snack bowl, you'll never forget snack time again. ad #platyourvote

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The kids are almost home, and suddenly you realize you haven’t pulled out a snack! Never forget snack again with this DIY Snack Bowl. 

With a designated snack bowl, you'll never forget snack time again. ad #PlantYourVote I often find myself scouring the kitchen and pantry for something – anything – to feed my hungry kids when they get home from school. Because I watch neighbor kids after school these days, it’s been extra important to have something on hand and ready. 

As I was walking through the store one day this week, thinking about snack time, I thought it might be helpful to have one bowl completely dedicated to snacks. I can leave it on the table, reminding me all day long that it needs to be filled. 

DIY a snack bowl and never forget snack time again. ad #PlantYourVote DIY Snack Bowl


White Ceramic Bowl
Goldfish Colors (or other snacks)

Using the sharpie color your bowl. Write something fun and related to snack time on the inside. Then add color to the outside. Place your bowl in a cool oven, and then turn on to 350 F. Once the oven is at 350, set a timer for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, turn the oven off, but leave the bowl inside. Let it cool completely before taking it out. 
Handwash to preserve the colors from fading over time. 

Fill with your favorite snack, like Goldfish Colors. 

Find Snack Recipes Fill your snack bowl with Goldfish Colors and Popcorn for a perfect after school snack. ad #PlantYourVote

The Colors

I took inspiration for our snack bowl from Goldfish Colors.  With their fun colors, it reminded me of the garden we grew this year. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the colorful crackers are naturally dyed from plants! The green color – a favorite in this household – is made using watermelon, Huito, and turmeric. I had to look up Huito. 


Since I’m not the best artist in the home I turned the coloring over to Mark. I told him my idea, how I wanted the bowl to represent the fun colors of a garden, and then let him work his creative genius. 

Plant Your Vote

Do you have a favorite Goldfish Color? Right now you can vote on your favorite. The winning color will receive its own limited edition bag! I know a little boy who would love to see a bag full of green Goldfish Crackers. 


Prepare snack time in advance with a designated Snack Bowl. ad #PlantYourVote

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