DIY Tomato Cage Ghost

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Halloween is coming, and the spooky decor is starting to show up on porches. Make this DIY Tomato Cage Ghost with three simple items – 2 you may already have on hand! This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated when you click on and make a purchase. 

Do you love my DIY Tomato Cage Ghost Witch?  I truly thought I was being original when I came up with this idea. Then a fellow blogger posted some Halloween projects, and what is included – none other than tomato cage ghosts!  Well, I was still going to be original because I put mine together a bit differently than the others I looked at.

It’s really quite simple to make your own Tomato Cage Ghost. We headed out and bought a tomato cage for $1.99, and a foam head form (hobby lobby) for $5.99. I already had a pile of white fabric in my stash, and a metal hanger in our closet. So this project cost me a total of about $8. Not too shabby for a lasting Halloween decoration. 
You’ll start your ghost by attaching the foam head to the prongs on the tomato cage. My original idea actually used a foam ball, but the cost was similar, and we thought a head shape might give it a more ghostly look.  
Now you’re ready to cut and attach the fabric.  You’ll want to cut one piece approximately 3 1/2 feet by 3 feet.  Once you have that main piece, the rest you can cut into 2-3″ strips, and varying lengths. The strips you will now attach to the middle rung on the tomato cage. 
 Fill the rung tightly, and try to tie the knots from both sides, so they overlap more diversely. Mine ended up facing the same way at first, which made for a less chaotic and looking ghost.
Time to attach the hanger! This will help create “arms” for your ghost. Twist the hanging end so it stick straight up, and then maneuver it into the middle of the foam head. Like so….
You’re ready for the finishing touch. Remember the large piece of white fabric we set aside? Drape it over the head of your ghost. I used some black thread to tie it on around the bottom of the head. I wrapped it a couple times for a strong hold. The thread is thin enough that it’s not all that noticeable and gives your ghost a little more shape. 
Use a permanent marker, or paint, to add some long spooky eyes and voila!  Prince L has had a blast running up to the ghost trying to knock it down, while saying “Ooooo ooooo”
The ghost is just how it started out though. Shortly after placing our ghost on the porch for all to see, I thought it needed a little extra…and thus the Ghost Witch was born. Can you think of anything more scary than a dead witch come back as a ghost?  

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