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*This post is written as part of Compassion Bloggers blog Month. Compassion is a Christian ministry that works to sponsor children in poverty across the world. Through people like you and I willing to give up a little luxury in our life, for the necessity in the life of someone else. 


Faith in Self.
You can do it. You believe in yourself right? I can see you. Your friends and neighbors see you. You are real. Having faith in yourself goes beyond just believing you exist though. It’s believing in your potential. Don’t you know that the world is open to possibilities for you? With the right amount of effort, and pure faith, you can accomplish anything. It might be faith to get yourself through a job interview. Or it may be faith to climb a mountain blind. Stop the excuses, you’re nervous that’s all. Step up and have a little faith in yourself. 

Faith in Humanity
We live in perilous times. With wars raging around us, and political unrest through many countries. Now is the time to have faith in humanity. Believe that we are a compassionate people: not a selfish one. There are opportunities to show compassion and love to those right outside your door. We pass people daily that need our help – it might just be a smile, an acknowledgement that they exist.  There are so many charities we can give to, that prove humanity is still alive, and compassion for others above ourselves is key to a better world. Would you consider sponsoring a child in poverty?  These kids need you and I to help them, and boost them. We can forget about politics for just a little bit, every time we send a letter to a child that needs a friend, or give a little money to buy them a dinner. 
Faith in God
I believe in God. To be honest I don’t know how some people can’t believe. I see Him in everything around me. This earth and the variety of beauty it holds. From desert sunsets to the myriad of ocean animals. I believe we were created after God’s own image, and He is the Father of our Spirits. That makes us all brothers and sisters. I have faith that as our Father, He wants us to be kind to one another; to help our fellow men and women to live. To have Faith gives us hope. Hope that this life is just temporary, but crucial to who we are on an eternal level. Be who you are today. Kind, compassionate and full of hope, because it will be who you are forever. You’ll mess up though. But it’s OK. Because our Father in Heaven is kind and compassionate back to us. He’ll lift us back up, and help us when it’s tough. But we have to hold onto that faith. Because when we stop believing, that’s when it starts to fall apart. 
Will you have faith in yourself, humanity and God? Faith to use your full potential, to show compassion to those less fortunate, and a hope for God’s eternal love?  
Compassion has a goal this month of sponsoring 3,160 children. That’s a big goal. But I have faith that they can do it, because I have faith in you and I, in humanity and in a loving God. 

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