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Goodness I feel it’s been awhile since we’ve chatted. School is winding down for the kids, but that means life is picking up for me. More kids, more entertainment ideas to come up with, and just more awareness around the house will be required these upcoming months. I’ve got some great summer ideas coming up for you, but today I want to talk about my 2 awesome oldest.

Princess V and Princess C decided one day last week they wanted their hair cut. We’ve talked about it often before, usually concluding that Princess V wasn’t quite ready to emotionally let go of her hair, and mom being emotionally attached to Princess C’s hair.

This time though, we said OK! I took Princess C out just the 2 of us one Saturday morning, to cut her hair. We weren’t just going to let it fall to the ground though. Oh no! This girl wanted to donate her hair to help kids without hair. We’ve recently told her how at 1 years old about a 1 inch patch of her hair just fell out. A diagnosis of Alopecia Areata had Mark and I vowing to grow her hair out forever like Rapunzel. After 6 years with no recurrence though, choosing to give her hair to someone who may be currently suffering a similar disease was most definitely an option.

We started to get a little sad when the first pig tail began to be cut, but by the end she was all smiles again and asking for a picture with the hairdresser. She couldn’t wait to come home and send her hair out to someone! 
total length cut – 12 inches
The following week Dad took Princess V for a haircut. She was hoping for about the same length as her sister, but a miscommunication occurred and her hair came out much shorter. I received a phone call from her just in tears. Not sure what else to do I texted her best friends mom and asked if she could let her daughter know about the hair cut and to help her be brave in school the next day. 
Through a big awesome support system including her BFF and teacher, she went to school and came home not nearly as upset as the first day. 
total length cut – 14 inches

Despite her look, Princess C is excited about donating her hair. She was just tired of waiting for Prinecss V to put a smile on. We finally got a beautiful smile from her and lost the other smile. Kids.

So where are we donating their hair? I’ve heard some unsatisfactory things about an organization we use to donate to, so we did some more research. We’ve decided to send the Princesses hair to

This non-profit works to help kids who may financially be unable to afford wigs, cover those costs. Did you know it costs approximately $1800 to complete one hair replacement? That’s quite a bit for hair, but what a boost of confidence hair makes when you’re already suffering an illness. If your hair isn’t long enough to donate, or you prefer not to cut it, please consider making a monetary donation instead.

4 thoughts on “Donating Hair

  1. So wonderful of the girls to donate their beautiful hair. Both of their cuts look great. I'm sure Princess C will appreciate her cut more when it get hot outside.

  2. So glad you did your research before donating! That is super sweet of your girls. My daughter-15-recently had a bad haircut as well, it was not pleasant, but good thing it is just hair and it will grow out! 🙂

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