Dreaming of Kids Rooms

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I decided to start my new year off with a room makeover for the kids. I haven’t actually tackled anything in there yet, but it is the first home project I’ll be doing this year. It seems every time we move, we have to completely revamp our toy storage and organization system.

I’ve spent a lot of time just staring at the girls room, and trying to figure out what I can do to make it work for all of us. The kids get so overwhelmed when it’s time to clean up, because in order to get something out, they usually have to pull out every toy to find what they want.

I have some idea of how the room is going to look when I am done, but that’s just

Just a quick sketch of the layout I’m planning. 
I’ve been browsing online for more ideas of room setups, and toy storage.  Here’s a couple I’m going to try and recreate. 
I love this Stuffed Animals on Velcro idea!  I found it on Pinterest, and haven’t been able to find a direct source for it (if this is your photo, please let me know!) If I put a strip above each mattress the kids can sleep with their stuffed animals, and keep them off the floor. It will make bed making easier too. 
On my sketch the doll house is sitting right inside the door to the room. I found this doll storage again on pinterest (no credit again), to hang over the door. Giving them quick and easy access to play with and pick them up. 
I’ve had this lazy suzan shelf on my pinterest board for awhile now. I think the girls would really love having this in their reading area. The cork board provides a place to hang all their art, and school projects. 
In my email early this week, I got these fun tips from (affiliate) Zulily that I also loved. Tip #1 is my biggest need! Easy access of the most used toys!  
I can’t wait to get started in the girls room!  Of course we’ll have to go through all the toys and clothes first, and get rid of any old/broken/unused items first, then we’ll have fun putting the room back together. 
What are your tips for kids rooms?

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