Dreamworks Lincoln – I’m geeking out!

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Have I mentioned that I’m a history lover? I am. I love it. I could eat up history! Back a couple years ago, I decided each year I was going to pick a time period, and read all I could about it.  It was a grand old plan. I decided to start with the Civil War. It quickly turned into Abraham Lincoln. I was picking up books right and left about him and John Wilkes Booth. A year came and went, and I was still reading Lincoln stuff. In fact, I never did move on to another time/person.
You can see a snippet of the books I’ve read and still want to read about Lincoln on goodreads (go ahead and follow me there too!)

So when Dreamworks decided to make a movie about the last few months of Lincoln’s presidency, I got pretty excited. You can bet this is a date night worthy movie for me!

In exclusive theaters November 9th, and everywhere November 16th
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