Dressing up a 70’s Home – Japanese Style

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Our home was built in the mid-late 70’s. Besides the outside structure, many of the inside features were still a throwback to the 70’s. One specifically I hope you can all imagine, is the shag carpet on the WALLS of our basement stairwell. Though they may have had the right idea – talk about sound control.  Many of the prominent walls are also covered in wall paper (as well as the inside of every cupboard, and random patches in the bathroom….).

My favorite feature though, is the glass mirrored wall in our family room.

The picture doesn’t quite do it justice. It is actually a black mirror with tan veins running through it. When we first moved in, I wanted this wall to go. It has since grown on me as Mark and I have debated what we could do with it.

Mark’s parents have been living in Japan for the past 5 years. We were lucky enough to visit them one year for Christmas. Since then, Mark and I have looked for ways to incorporate some Japanese style into our home. This wall gave us the inspiration. We’ll start with a simple buffet table in the center.
Finn Sideboard

Something like this from One King’s Lane Day of Furniture Sale (70% off Home Furnishings now until Thursday 1/31). 
A table like this would be the perfect centerpiece for displaying our Japanese Dolls I picked up at the outdoor Mall in Sasebo. We could then store all the china we also purchased inside the cupboard – and let me tell you, we purchased china! From little sake cups to rice bowls. Sadly we’ve never had a good place to keep them.

Hanging behind the buffet table I would mount my silk Kimono – a must I insisted on purchasing. Really, who goes to Japan and doesn’t come home with a Kimono? They were hard to find though in a price range I could afford. Thankfully there were plenty of consignment stores to browse around.
Framing the Kimono would be our Japanese scrolls that Grandma P sent the kids for Christmas. 

Can you picture it?  Let’s go back to our Black Wall – now add the table, dolls, kimono and scrolls. Picture it on a white wall – now go back to the black wall. What a difference right? I can’t wait to get started putting it all together. I just have to decide which table I want now…

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  1. I have been looking for these mirros with the veins on them and have not found them anywhere besides here…where can i purchase some for some of mine have cracked and broke and need to be replace?

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