Easy Clean Up Tips for Your Summer Parties

Easy Clean Up Tips with Viva and Clorox for all your summer backyard parties. AD #UnleashTheCleanSquad

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It’s backyard party season! I love hosting a good party during the summer months, but I really dread cleaning up after it. To the point that I started avoiding having people over. These are my top tips for an easy clean up after a backyard party – or any party!


Easy Clean Up Tips with Viva and Clorox for all your summer backyard parties. AD #UnleashTheCleanSquad

From barbecue’s to backyard camping, outdoor movie nights to friends playing all day – there’s always something fun going on at our house in the summer. On the days in between one activity and the next, I’m left with some pretty large messes at times. I hit a point where I no longer wanted people to come over because I was burnt out from all the cleaning. 

That’s no fun, though. I love having my kids friends over. I love having MY friends over. So something had to change. I had to either enjoy the cleaning, or find ways to make it easier. 

Easy Clean Up tips with Viva and Clorox at Walmart. AD #UnleashTheCleanSquad

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Easy Clean Up Tips

Paper Products. For the longest time I avoided paper products! I preferred to “go green”, and just clean everything. When you’re hosting parties though, that is seriously just a cleaning headache you don’t need! Paper plates, plastic cutlery, and Viva Paper towels will be your sanity saver when it comes to the after party clean up. 


Outdoor Garbage. We recently bought a new indoor garbage can with a lid! I was wondering what to do with the old can, and realized it would be the perfect otudoor garbage can. Now whenever we have a backyard get together, I line the old can with a bag and set it somewhere convenient for everyone’s dirty plates. When the party is over, it’s a simple 

Clean with Clorox and Viva. I love my Clorox+Bleach for cleaning around the house. It’s just natural to use it outside the house too. Paired with the power of Viva Paper Towels no mess is safe from being cleaned quickly and efficiently. From the tables to the doorknobs to the floor.


Easy Clean Up with Clorox and Viva at Walmart. AD #UnleashTheCleanSquad

Walmart Pick Up. When planning a party, we can sometimes get overwhelmed with the cleaning up before, the planning the actual party, and the after clean up. Walmart can make the whole experience easier as they carry everything I ever need for a good old summer party. With their online shopping it’s become even easier to plan ahead and be ready for gatherings all summer long. 

Easy Clean up at Walmart with Viva and Clorox. AD UnleashTheCleanSquad

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  1. We have used walmart pick up a few times and it has been great! More time to make messes that require the clean squad. Thats the way my boys see it anyways! LOL

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