Easy Meals for Busy Nights with #KraftRecipeMakers

Easy meals for busy nights #ad

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Ever have those nights where you’re running around, picking kids up from school, dropping them off for sports, music, and other extra activities. Then you’ve got a movie date with your spouse, and still need to get quick family meals on the table. I recently came across Kraft Recipe Makers thanks to another blogger, and had to pick up a couple. These are the BEST easy meals I’ve ever come across, that I still feel good about serving up.
It was about a month ago I came across a recipe using the Kraft Recipe Makers. I had never heard of this before and wasn’t even sure what I was looking for when I went to the store the first time. When I found them though, I got pretty excited about the variety of flavors. That first time I picked up a couple different varieties and used the Sweet and Sour Chicken that night to create a kid favorite!
The other night Mark sent me a message about a fun family activity going on that night at the library. It looked fun, but left little time to put dinner together. I was so glad I had the Chicken Bruschetta Pasta on hand.  This meal kit was absolutely delicious, and fit right into the time frame I had. 
I loved the easy to follow directions and photo’s on the back of the package. Have you ever actually measured your pasta before?  Normally I dump the whole bag into some water, but decided to follow measurements this time.
My family are big pasta eaters, so I was worried it wouldn’t be quite enough, but it was plenty. Once I had the pasta going, I moved onto the chicken.
Next time I make this (because we will be making it again!), I’ll make sure to cut the chicken into a bit smaller pieces. Simmering the chicken in the Basil Garlic sauce, made our house smell divine!
Once the chicken and pasta are cooked, you combine them add the finishing sauce and some Parmesan cheese. Voila, dinner served!  I didn’t time it exactly but I’d say it was close to a total 30 minutes from start to finish. Quick easy meal served!


The only thing I wish I’d done different was seen this tip while still at the store. We were out of croutons, but I have a feeling they would have been the perfect addition to this pasta!  Since I missed grabbing some croutons I tossed some garlic toast in the oven to add to the canned green beans on the side. A perfectly balanced meal in my book.
Not only was this an easy meal to prepare, but the kids loved it too – especially Prince L. Just check out the smiles he gave as the pasta was shoved in his mouth.  
We had just enough leftover for my lunch today (my lunch, not the kids..). I should have expected it, but Prince L’s sandwich was tossed on the floor and I found him on my lap stealing pasta. He knows where the good stuff is. 
The debate is on now – Asian Fish Tacos next, or Verde Chicken Enchiladas?  We don’t have many crazy busy nights yet, but I know they’re going to start creeping up on us. I’ll be keeping a couple Kraft Recipe Makers in the pantry for an easy meal maker.
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