Eating Healthy

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Keeping our bodies healthy means eating right, exercising and getting the right amount of play time and rest time.

That’s hard to balance for kids!  I’ve noticed my oldest Princess V struggling lately to communicate her feelings. We were experiencing meltdowns way too often for anyone’s enjoyment. One day after her dance class, when we left early because it became too much, I decided we need to talk.  At 6 years old, I feel she can understand more on what she can do to take care of her physical body and avoid the it’s’ just too much and I’m just TIRED meltdowns.

The first place I decided to start was with food. She has always been such a picky eater (despite my best efforts to follow the baby advice at starting with veggies and moving to fruits…it still resulted in a picky eater). I do my best to offer healthy options at all meals, and for snacks, but sometimes – the chocolate milk wins out, the cookies are set out, and it’s just too hard to cut up carrots that will be pushed to the side for lunch.  Excuses excuses – I know. So she and I are both doing better.

It’s only been a few days since we first talked about making healthier choices with Princess V, but already she complains less about her food, and seems a tad more willing to try it out.  I was shocked when she ate all her peas, chose to finish her potatoes over her pork, and even asked for an apple! 

The best part – the daily (often more than once a day) tantrums and meltdowns have seriously become almost non-existent. She is more pleasant to be around, and when there is a problem, we’ve been able to talk it out before hysteria sets in.

I am so proud of my girl and the example she is setting, both for her sisters and for me. Her effort has encouraged me to look at what I eat more, and stick to the healthier foods, with sugary snacks as more of a once in awhile treat.

I was given Skinny Spices E-Book to review, and the whole introduction really resonated with me.
You could easily call me a spice addict. I love spices, and adding different flavors to dishes. The best part is, most spices add little to no calories and processed junk to your food. In basic terms – it’s a great way to add flavor while keeping it healthy!

It’s not just about the food though. Like I said earlier, we have to care for our bodies through food, exercise, and a well balanced scheduled. The author of Skinny Spices knows this too, and she doesn’t sugar coat it (pun not intended…)

oh I just love the way she put that. Can you picture it? Coating yourself in curry powder? My kids attempted it with flour once…not such a pretty sight…or mess…to clean up.

I’m excited to try out some of the spice blends from this book, and the recipes that go along with them. In the new enhanced E-book edition makes finding recipes a breeze for what you have on hand!

*I received a copy of Skinny Spices to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Monday – Fast Fiesta Soup
Tuesday – Princess R’s birthday dinner: Home made Pizza and M&M cupcakes.
Wednesday – Pork Chow Mein
Thursday – Spaghetti with Garlic toast (using the Mild Garlic and Parsley Blend from Skinny Spices)
Friday – Sandwiches
Saturday – Hamburgers and Hot Dogs with friends
Sunday – Steak and Potatoes

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  1. It is amazing how much diet can effect us and especially our kids. It is really tough to stay consistant – the results are worth it and you'll see as your kids get older them making healthy choices on their own. My daughter actually buys a salad with her lunch or always gets a piece of fruit. She's 11 and I don't have to remind her, she is now just used to eating this way.

    The Skinny book is great love the simple spice blends to flavor up dishes.

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