Ec-o-nom-ics by Kersten L. Kelly {Book Review}

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A simple twist on normalcy
By Kersten L. Kelly
About the Book: Professional football players, corporate tobacco advertisers, volatile gasoline prices, and the Cold War all share an undetected commonality each is an intrinsic part of economics. Though not obvious to the naked eye, each entity shares a pattern with the others. This book helps to shed light on these mutual characteristics. It is an extensive compilation of theories interpreted using supportive examples. Economics is an enthralling science that encompasses our actions, thoughts, and emotional rationality every day in the unconscious. This book dissects economic theory into bite-size, entertaining snippets that anyone can understand and apply to their routines. It is a compelling depiction of history, pop culture, and social movements intertwined with relevant economic trends. Economics is part of daily life, and this book challenges readers to question how and why people make decisions by adding a simple twist on normalcy.



About the Author: 

Kersten L. Kelly is a self-published author of narrative non-fiction and semi-fiction books. She grew up in Munster, Indiana, and currently works in a sales role based out of Chicago, Illinois. She started writing at an early age and graduated from Indiana University with a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Communication & Culture. She then went on to earn a Master’s in Business Administration from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. She has a passion for learning, teaching, and writing as well as international travel in her spare time. This book is her first piece of published work.

My Thoughts:
This is a book worth reading. Although at first I couldn’t relate very well to the examples (football games and cigarette marketing), eventually there were some situations discussed I could relate to. That’s what ec-o-nom-ics is all about. Setting out real life examples to help everyone understand the theory of economics.
I think at this time in our country it is very important for us all to understand how the economy works. We’re always hearing how the economy is bad, but how many of us truly understand what that means, and how we can make it better?  Kersten helped me see the theory of economics in my daily life.  I remember taking economics in college, and having everyone tell me good luck; as if economics was the class of everyone dreaded taking, but had to, because they didn’t understand it. I went in to that class worried it would be tough. It turned out to be one of my more enjoyable classes, because I actually understood it. Sadly, after that class I didn’t continue to pursue learning about economics. I was really glad to be able to read Ec-o-nom-ics.
I really enjoyed the last chapter “Why Does Comparing 3 Goods Change Perspective?”.  Just after reading this chapter, Mark and I drove down to find a house near his new job (yay, he got a job!).  While Mark was in the area interviewing, he found a house he fell in love with. So of course I had to check it out, and I wanted some perspective with other homes in the area. We got a realtor to show us some homes within our parameters.  We saw 2 that “fit us”. After this realtor took us around (who by the way looked and sounded just like Don Knots!!), Mark took me out to the home he had found. It was a sold by owner home.  Here is a little set up I did, with comparisons similar to what Kersten shows in her book.

  House 1 House 2 House 3
sq feet 4000 + 2000+ 2000+
Price 115000 120000 120000
Parking On Street 1 car garage 3 car garage


We went with house 3. Why? Well the parking was a big deal. House 1 had absolutely no where to park. So even though the square footage was amazing for the price, we really needed a place to park. House 2 had some parking, but for the same amount we were able to get triple the parking! 
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