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When Eric reached out to me about his EcoQube Kickstarter campaign, I was pretty intrigued.  A couple years ago when Mark wanted a dog, and I said no, we compromised on fish. Over the years he has read up a lot on how to raise fish, what they eat, their habits, etc. Although at times I have not been the most supportive of his fish hobby, I have come to enjoy the fish, and the joy they bring to every kid that walks into our home.

So what is the EcoQube?  It is a beautiful way to grow flowers and herbs indoors in an easy to take care of system, while also filtering aquarium water the natural way. If you watch the video below, you’ll hear them say “Nature does it best”. It’s true right? Nothing is better than nature when it comes to an animals habitat, and growing plants. 
Together Eric and his friend Kevin have brought the natural beauty of the outdoors into our homes, and onto our desktops with the EcoQube.  By using the plants to naturally filter the water, we can now have our own little oasis inside.  Can’t you just picture this sitting somewhere in your home? Maybe giving off some beautiful scents of mint, or basil?
I am just blown away by the beauty of these aquariums, but what really sold me was that together with a local non-profit Eric and Kevin have also put together a K-12 curriculum on the science behind self sustaining ecosystems. Anyone that promotes education, and really learning for our kids, I have to get behind. 
Eric and Kevin are working to bring Environmental awareness, and hope that aquaponics will work to solve some of the problems facing the world’s water. 
  • Over 70% of global freshwater is used for agriculture (farming of vegetables and fruits) and aquaculture (farming of marine animals like fish)
  • Billions of gallons of water for agriculture and aquaculture is flushed into our environment every day, carrying excess fertilizer, pesticides, waste with it.
  • Aquaponics (the concept the EcoQube was designed around) is a closed recirculating system that uses over 90% less water than traditional agriculture and does not produce waste products.  Grows food 30-50% faster without pesticides.  Marine life farmed in this environment are much healthier due to the clean, filtered environment provided by natural plant filtration.  Completely organic
Will you take a moment and support the EcoQube Kickstarter campaign?

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