Eliminate the Snacking {80 bites Week 4}

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It’s week 4 with my 80 Bites diet plan. We’ve moved on from talking about Quantity to learning about Frequency.

This last week has been more of a mental struggle for me. I love that I’m seeing results, and feeling better about my body, but I’m longing for snacks, and to not feel guilty whenever I eat something. I think my biggest problem right now is perhaps getting the right foods. Something I should probably take a closer look at, or at least at some vitamins to my diet.

So back to Frequency.  According to the 80 Bites program, there is a very simple way to cut back the snacking between meals – just brush your teeth.

Yep. Simple and easy really. You brush your teeth and you won’t want to put anything into your mouth and ruin that clean feeling.

I was a little skeptical at first. The I decided to pay attention to my eating habits after brushing my teeth. I was pleasantly surprised. After brushing my teeth after breakfast, I don’t really snack during the mornings. Brushing my teeth after lunch though is more of a foreign concept to me. It’s definitely a good practice, but not one I’ve ever done. I’ve also noticed that most of my snacking, happens between lunch and dinner.

So looks like I’ll be adding a good hygiene practice to my afternoons, in an effort to curb those snacking urges. To tell the truth, I’m excited. I don’t usually snack because I’m hungry, more because it’s “something to do” and “it looks good”.  I guess what I’m saying is I’m a boredom eater. I look to food to satisfy things other than actual hunger. Go ahead, tsk tsk me.

In regards to last weeks lesson, I have slowed my eating considerably. No longer focused on that next bite.

How’s it Going?
How Many Bites did you take?90-100/day


Starting to a little. Just in the amount that I eat, though.

Weight at beginning of


Weight today?

Are you still

Yes. Not as much as I had been, but I think it’s just a phase. It’s that mental block I mentioned above.

2 thoughts on “Eliminate the Snacking {80 bites Week 4}

  1. This must be so frustrating… I try to have available portioned snacks (like those 100 calorie bags) they cost more but I think the portion control is worth it. I also leave a big bowl of fruit on the table and tell myself I can have as much as I want. You really can't over eat fruit the fiber makes you really full.
    This is what works for me… you have to find what is best for you.
    Oh, yeah… I only allow myself one calorie drink a day… those can add up.

    1. Hi Diane! Jessica from 80Bites here. One small comment: fruit is definitely good for you, but it actually IS possible to eat too much! Eating too much of anything – even healthy, low-cal foods – means you are stretching your stomach container. When your stomach stretches, it takes MORE food to feel satisfied, and you are hungrier more frequently. So while the fruit itself is doing no harm, it means that the next time you sit down for something *less* healthy, you're more likely to overindulge. The point of 80Bites is to think about the :how much" before the "what". Just some food for thought – hope that helps!

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