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Are you all sick of reading advice to get your kids to eat veggies? Tired of the over achieving parents who make amazing lunch creations that their kids love and eat up?

Honestly I’m not tired of them. I need the advice until I hit on something that will actually jive with my kids. So far we’ve had some small successes here and there, but being consistent about it is so difficult sometimes. You have to keep veggies cut up and in a bowl they can get to, and/or spend time getting real creative with each and every lunch/dinner.

My kids will eat just about any fruit since most have little prep and they can just grab and eat – apples, bananas, berries – but when we bring out the veggies I get weird looks, and lots and lots of whining.  There was once a time I had a bowl of chopped up broccoli in the fridge that got taste tested periodically because it was easy to grab. As a result some of my kids will now eat broccoli and ask for more.

I heard about this new DVD Copy-Kids that seemed a little too simple to actually work, but decided we might as well give it a try. I love that it’s separated into chapters so you can pick the fruit or veggie you want your kids to eat, and just play that section of the video. My kids absolutely loved seeing what ages each of the kids in the video were, and comparing them to their own age.

Check out their sizzle reel for an idea of how this works. 

What I thought was too simple to work, turned out to be a fun show my kids enjoy, and inspiring to them to give new foods a try.  I took some pictures of my kids to give you an idea of how it worked for us.

I decided we’d start with 1 fruit and 1 vegetable. My hope was that by having something they liked and something they didn’t really care for, we would find a good balance of trying something new. 

At 7 years old Princess V is past the recommended age for Copy-Kids, but as you can see she still enjoys watching what her sisters do first. 

Prince L didn’t quite get the idea to watch the show while eating, his only thought was “Mom just put those yummy red things on a plate in the living room…I’m going in!”

 As you can see, our aftermath isn’t what I was hoping for, but if you look closely to the right side of the cucumbers you will notice 2 have been tasted. That is pretty good for my kids! No begging from me to get them to try it, just watching other kids like them eat and enjoy. 

We’ll for sure be watching it a couple more times with bell peppers and tomatoes – Mine and Mark’s personal favorites.

I have to admit, I realized that one thing I did wrong when they were younger was not give them as many choices. I stuck to what I thought they would like, and when coming across things like peppers I would *hang my head* say something like “Oo, I don’t know if you’ll like that. But give it a try”. Yep, I should have taken off that preface and just let them try things. Lesson learned.

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8 thoughts on “Encourage Kids to try new Foods and Giveaway

  1. Great strategy… I always remember what my kids peditrician says, "You may have to expose a kid to a food 10 times before they will eat it." That is a lot, but I found it to work eventually. I just always put a little of new food on my kids plate, if they eat it great if not I usually nibble on it… but they have to see it again and again before they will try it.

  2. I am very lucky that my daughter likes her veggies. But I have friends who will put veggies in muffins and smoothies to get them to eat their veggies.

    Les Johnson

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