Epic Birthday Cake {Menu Plan}

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Mark had a birthday, shout Hooray!  We left Friday afternoon to spend the weekend at my parents. They are kind enough to watch our kids for extended periods of time, while Mark and I go on dates. All he wanted for his birthday was a date with me…awe!  It’s funny because that’s what I’m always telling him I want. 
We left the kids a little before lunch to go pick up his specially ordered cake. Marks’ cousins wife has made some beautiful cakes (like his sisters Wedding Cake), so Mark decided he wanted to get a nice one this year. I didn’t really mind, since it meant I wouldn’t have to bake, and could focus more on him, and cleaning the house before we left. 

Mark took inspiration from this Pig in a Mud bath Cake…
Pigs having a bath in a chocolate cake
and asked her to create a Lochness Monster in a pool of Pepsi Cake.  I think she did a pretty brilliant job, don’t you?
Not only did it look good, it tasted great too!  She made Mark’s favorite, Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting. Normally I’ll leave the raisins and nuts out when I make it, but she didn’t, and wow! Best carrot cake I’ve ever eaten.
We’re back home now, and ready for a new month. I’m off to the store today to restock our food.  My sister in law sent me a Freezer Meal cookbook for Christmas, so I’ve decided to pull 4-5 recipes from there per month, but make them all up at the beginning of the month. That way I should have at least 1 set meal each week.
Monday – Pizza Night
Wednesday – Biscuits and Gravy
Thursday – Pita Pockets
FridayHam Potato Scallop
Saturday – Leftovers
Sunday – Roast, Potatoes, and Asparagus
Breakfasts – Cereal, Pancakes, Spinach Deviled Eggs
Beefy Enchiladas
Beef Stew
Phyllo Chicken Rolls
Tex Mex Pork Casserole
Wild Rice Ham Rolls

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6 thoughts on “Epic Birthday Cake {Menu Plan}

  1. Great looking cakes… your so lucky to get time together thanks to your supportive family. The freezer cookbook sounds like a great idea. You should sign up for the cookbook offer I have on my blog today.

  2. Once again I am humbled to be your mother-in-law, Adelina. I am so grateful for you, your talent, and your loving care of my son. Thank you for being YOU.

  3. It sounds like Mark had a wonderful birthday celebration with a unique and creative Loch Ness Monster cake! The cake not only looked impressive but also tasted delicious, especially with the Carrot Cake and cream cheese frosting. It’s great that you were able to enjoy a date weekend while your parents looked after the kids.

    Now that you’re back home, you’re planning to restock your food and try out some freezer meal recipes. Incorporating freezer meals into your monthly meal plan is a convenient way to have set meals prepared in advance. Your menu for the week includes Pizza Night, Sausage Spanish Rice, Biscuits and Gravy, Pita Pockets, Ham Potato Scallop, Leftovers, and a Sunday roast with potatoes and asparagus. For breakfast, you have options like cereal, pancakes, and spinach deviled eggs.

    From “The Everything Freezer Meals Cookbook,” you have selected some delicious-sounding recipes for the month, including Beefy Enchiladas, Beef Stew, Phyllo Chicken Rolls, Tex Mex Pork Casserole, and Wild Rice Ham Rolls.

    It seems like you have an exciting and tasty month ahead! Enjoy your meals and the convenience of having freezer meals on hand. I will enjoy my Calgary Steak tonight

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