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Yestrday Prince L woke up with a puffy eye.  I assumed he was just really tired, as he hadn’t been sleeping as well lately.  Then he started acting just odd. He didn’t really want to open his eyes, almost as if the lights hurt. He became extremely cuddly, and just wanted me to hold him all day long, wrapped in a blanket. Unless he’s sleeping, he never closes his eyes, or lets me hold him for long. He would rather be looking at everything and moving around as best he can. So I started thinking maybe these symptoms were in relation to his puffy eye.  Since Mark and I had both been suffering allergies on and off, I chalked it up to that. 
To be safe though, I posted about it on facebook, and even added a cute picture.

Not looking for a diagnosis exactly, I just wanted to share my cute cuddly guy with his puffy eye. Well, a number of my friends immediately got on and said it looked like pink eye! I was feeling so lucky that after 4 kids we had never experienced this awful sounding virus. So pink eye hadn’t even crossed my mind before it was mentioned on facebook.  I started looking up the signs and symptoms of Pink Eye on google, and told Mark our weekend plans might be canceled because of it. 
Mark called his brother, who happens to work in the medical field. He said looking at the picture it didn’t look like Pink Eye. He’s almost always been right when we call him. So I pushed my worries aside, and decided to wait it out. Then I decided maybe I should play it safe. We haven’t been to a doctor since moving, and Prince L needed his 6 month check anyways. So off I went to find a doctor.

We have 1 doctor in our small town, and he was gone for the weekend (It’s fall break here).  On to the next town over. I found one that could see us before we left for our vacation, and got in to see him this morning as we headed out of town. I am so glad I didn’t wait!

Although it is NOT pink eye, it is a bacterial infection, and needs some eye drops. Although it’s not going to be fun putting these eye drops into a 6 month old, it will be much better than watching his puffy red eye, an worrying that it hurts him.
So thanks Facebook Friends for sending me in a mild panic, but also for putting the worry there, because something was wrong.
Have you ever Facebook Diagnosed yourself or kids? Were they right? Did you send yourself into a panic with all the possibilities of what could be wrong? I’d love to hear about it!
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3 thoughts on “Facebooking Diagnosies – Think About It

  1. LOL I haven not FB diagnosed before but hey, it is a quick and easy way to get some been there done that opinions. I have WebMD'd myself and I think that's actually worse. Yes, it's true, no matter what you type in it comes back with "or possibly cancer"

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