Pillow Fail

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So I was on a pillow making kick.  Unfortunatel, the great idea for spring I had, didn’t turn out like I planned.  I was trying to think Spring, in the midst of all this snow.  What says spring better than easter eggs?  I was thinking a line of easter eggs on a pillow.  Here is what I got –

I guess they kind of look like eggs, but more as in the words of my best critic “polka dots”.  This pillow now enjoys a special place, being pulled between two kids.  The Princess’ sure enjoy it!  Maybe I’ll try again, but turns out egg shapes are really hard to get precise.
On another note, we had been in the process of purchasing a home.  We were very excited, things were going along great.  Then the home inspection.  It revealed things that concerned us, and the sellers did not want to compromise on price or work done.  So we’re back to looking at more homes.  Wish us luck!

2 thoughts on “Pillow Fail

  1. Darn and darn! I have lots of those projects that don't turn out quite like I pictured. I still think it's cute though. Good luck with the house hunt!

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