Family Friendly Restaurants in Sevier Utah

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Are you heading through Utah anytime soon? Maybe you’re driving through to visit Vegas, or all the way to Disneyland, or perhaps you’re coming to Utah for a little summer vacation on one of our many lakes – Fish lake, Bear Lake, The Great Salt Lake.

When we first moved to little old Salina, UT I was so sad to see the small choices of restaurants. Not that we go out to eat a whole lot, but I love a good dinner date with Mark, and the special occasion outings with the kids. I have been pleasantly surprised that our date nights have not had to be Subway or McDonalds over and over again. In fact, after living here for awhile, I found some hole in the wall type places that have been very good.

Located just off I-70, and 45 minutes North of Fish Lake you’ll find a variety of family friendly places to eat.
We’ll begin our tour in Salina, my current home town. Stop by and say hi if you’re driving through!

  • Mom’s Cafe
Truly the Best Food in Town. Although not five star quality, Mom’s is what it claims to be – home cooking like you’re own mom would set on the table. When Mark and I were looking for a home in the area, we ate here, and enjoyed our food as we people watched Main street…though there weren’t too many people around.  Later I took Princess R out for a Mommy Daughter date when she successfully potty trained. We sat at the long bar and ordered an ice cream sundae topped with a cherry.
  • El Mexicano Restaurante
If you’re looking for an authentic Mexican restaurant, El Mexicano is the place to go here. Delicious burritos, chimi’s, and perfectly cooked rice and beans on the side. For dessert, try the fried ice cream!  It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but inside it is well taken care of with a friendly staff. The kids love coming here, and so far no one has said anything about our rowdy bunch.
  • The Hot Spot

The Hot Spot Drive-In is the place to go for malts, milkshakes, and good old hamburgers. Although they also serve salads, burritos, and chicken strips – I really just stick with their malts. For a fun treat I will sometimes take the kids and get the baby cones – the tiniest little cones I’ve ever seen with the perfect amount of soft serve for kids in the car.  If you don’t feel like waiting in the drive through, go ahead and park, and enjoy the tables under some shaded trees.
If none of these sound like your fare, just head 20 minutes more west on I-70 and check out what Richfield has to offer. A slightly bigger town (with a Walmart!) your food choices here are a little more diverse. 
  • South China Restaurant

For Princess C’s birthday in February, she requested Chinese. There is another Chinese buffet in town, but we decided to try out The South China Restaurant. With a beautiful interior job, and one of the friendliest waiters I’ve ever had, we really enjoyed our meal here. Princess C was adventurous and tried some Gyoza, but stuck with a chicken pasta for her main meal. The food was delicious. If Chinese cuisine is your craving, definitely try them out. 
  • Little Wonder Cafe
Although I haven’t had the pleasure yet of dining at the Little Wonder Cafe, local friends have told me it is great. Driving past, it often reminds me of Luke’s Diner in the Gilmore Girls. I’ll have to get over there one of these days before we move. 
  • “Out Ta Lunch” Deli

You would never know Out Ta Lunch existed unless you are walking by on the street, or someone tells you about them.   I happened across Out Ta Lunch (isn’t that the cleverest name) on my search for some Fenugreek. The local pharmacy didn’t carry it, but told me about the Health Essentials store on Main in Richfield.  Off I went to get my Fenugreek, and what do I find but a cute little deli as well.  Out Ta Lunch is located right inside the Health Essentials store, and as they say serving “nutritious and delicious” food. They would have to I would assume since it is also the health store. You won’t find greasy foods here. 
Just south of Richfield is Monroe where you’ll find two more places to eat
  • Sagebrush Grill
At the sagebrush grill, you might want to dress up a little, and leave the kids at home. With an upscale atmosphere, and a not so kid friendly meal, you’ll still enjoy wonderful food in this one of a kind restaurant.  Perhaps for our anniversary I’ll get Mark to take me here.
If you continue west from Monroe towards I-70 you may want to stop for lunch in Elsinore
  • Mooney’s BARN
Mooney’s Barn truly will be a unique dining experience as it is actually an Animal Shelter! I’m not trying to lead you astray, don’t worry, because on Friday’s and Saturdays Mooney’s serves lunch!  Where else can you eat lunch and leave with an adopted pet?  From dogs to horses to peacocks, this would be a fun adventure for a kids lunch date.
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  1. I found this through Mama Luvs Books and am happy to see some local reviews! When we travel to Richfield we are always looking for some place new to eat. I've always wanted to try Mom's cafe in Salina. I've been driving past it for 15 years and have wondered if it was good.

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