Family Fun at CornBelly’s

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Family Fun Time!  Last Friday I braved the sudden cold weather and took the kids to CornBelly’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Fest.  I sent Mark off to watch a football game with the guys, and then I picked up my sister to come with me and the kids. What a BLAST!!

 Check out all the fun we had, and then enter to win 2 Screamin’ Passes to CornBelly’s at the bottom of the post.
There are so many fun attractions at CornBelly’s. I wasn’t sure where to begin, so we just followed the kids for a bit. What kid can resist big bouncy blow up toys? None that I know of. 
The Jumbo Jumper Pillow looked like fun, but with the ages of my kids I contained them to the bounce houses.  Call me paranoid, but I didn’t want to start off our fun with an injury.  
Princess Playland was an obvious hit with my 3 Princesses. Aunt A kept an eye on Princess R for me, because she was like a kid in a candy store – here, there, over here, that, FUN!
The Princesses loved dressing up and waltzing across the Princess Playland stage. It was made more special when they got to meet the Pumpkin Princess and she helped pick out dresses for them.

Once I pulled the kids away from the Princess party, we decided we should grab some food. I knew the kids would enjoy the hot dogs, but my sister and I went for some warm soup. 

Oh my word, this was some really good Corn Chowder!
Finally we headed over to the corn maze! A 12 acre maze of corn featuring the BYU – UofU rivalry.  12 Acre’s is A LOT of corn. We headed in on the BYU side, but quickly found we wouldn’t make it far with our double stroller. I know the older girls would have made it through, but I needed the stroller for the other two, but we encountered a bridge that had to be crossed.
That was a little disappointing, but we found plenty of other fun things to do still – like the cow train (and there is a 5 minute maze easy for kids of all ages).

and the duck races!
and horse races!
Looking back I wish I’d bought the Bounce Pack passes as we left, but I wasn’t sure it would fit in our school and work schedule again. I think we could have and should have made room though, since we hardly scraped the surface of everything CornBelly’s has to offer.
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2 Screamin’ Passes to CornBelly’s at Thanksgiving Point
Screamin’ passes include all 40 main attractions, the 12 acre corn maze, and entry into Insanity point.
Insanity point is recommended for ages 12+

-Giveaway is open to Utah residents age 18+ or those able to visit CornBelly’s at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi before Nov 2nd. This will be verified before tickets are sent.

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