Family Photo Shoot

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So about a month back, before we moved, but while in the process of changing careers, I asked an old friend from high school to take our family pictures. I was extremely pleased with what we got.  Especially since after driving 2 hours for this shoot, I realized we had completely forgotten the clothes I wanted us to wear. Thankfully Mark’s parents had recently given us some Japanese dresses for the kids and they were in the back of the van.  I hope you enjoy a little glimpse into our family life.

By far the best family picture here! All the girls were yelling “EW”
Gorgeous Princess V. 
Princess C just slays me with this smile! I’ve got another one of her but hiding a little more behind the fan as my facebook profile picture.

Perhaps you can understand my days just by this one photo alone. Princess R.
Sisters. Sisters. There could never be 3 better sisters. 
and then there was Prince L. My handsome and cuddly buddy.

Father and Son. Let the good times roll.
We ended the shoot at a little ice cream parlor. If you can’t tell by the hair, we got caught in a torrential downpour at one point. 

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