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I’ve been focusing on the Family Room this past week.  It’s the room we spend most of our time as a family in, so I focused and pushed myself to get it completed.

Walking into the family room from the kitchen

From the back of the room, if you were to walk in from the back yard. As you may notice, I still haven’t fixed my epic FAIL of the curtains.

This was a fun project! Eventually we are going to build shelves in this closet, but I needed a quick fix for all the movies (we may have too many).  The hanging shelves are from IKEA.  I couldn’t just put the movies on the shelves though, otherwise it folded in on itself, and the movies wouldn’t stand up. So I grabbed some boxes (we had plenty from the move) and did some measuring and cutting. They fit in nice and tight, and it gives the movies a sturdier shelf.

This I just created today, after taking the top pictures. I removed the black table from the room, and pulled in the Princess’ table and chairs from outside. Then I grabbed my roll of Jute string, and made a place to hang their pictures. I just tied a knot on around a nail and hammered in flush to the wall (as flush as you can get. Then hung the pictures with paperclips. Eventually we’ll get some cute colored clothespins for hanging.  I wish I could cover up the airvent there, but I’m guessing it’s important, c’est la vie!
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4 thoughts on “Family Room

  1. We have those same curtains except they are burgundy 🙂 I like the idea of the string to hang up the artwork, I need to do that because my younger two are always drawing things for the fridge door and well, it's about full lol.
    Found your blog via the weekend blog hop 😀

  2. Love the solution for your dvds. And what a sweet place for your children to make and showcase their masterpieces!

    I'm a new follower from the Weekend blog.

    May your weekend be full of sunshine.

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