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Shine Your Light I am determined to have our Family Room done before Baby Prince arrives. Ever since we started our Dining Room remodel, the family room became the staging zone. It’s located in the back of the house. There is no access to any other room besides the backyard from it. So we were able to stack tools and hardware in there while we remodeled. Well, we finished the Dining Room in february, and it isn’t looking any better. Here’s what I’ve got to work with this month

At first glance from our beautiful dining room, into the family room {Cringe}
We still need to put a frame back on the doorway

When we did the dining room, we had to replace support beams. Which means we had to temporarily support the roof, this was the result. We’re still debating on just retexturing the ceiling, or creating a new ceiling with hard wood (kind of like this pallet ceiling)
I’ll probably put up different curtains once we get more of a theme for the room. We’ll be repainting all the walls.

This picture makes me laugh and smile. I probably should have taken the photos off the wall before the mess started, but they survived.

Well, this is just to show the horrible mess of everything, and to motivate me to get started. Eventually I want to open up the closets to open shelving and wood storage for the stove.
Hopefully I’ll see you at the end of the month with a much different looking room! Perhaps different enough it won’t be recognizable as the same room….perhaps.

4 thoughts on “Family Room – Before

  1. What an awesome high ceiling! I absolutely love a planked ceiling….I've got to talk my husband into that somewhere in my house. Love love love. Good luck with you family room projects – thanks for linking it up!!!!

  2. I found you through "Shine your light" and really like the idea of that blog to show before pictures to motivate you for tackling a project. I think your room has a lot of potential and I'm looking forward to coming back at the end of the month to see what you will have accomplished.
    I'm thinking of also linking one of my projects that has to be done, there is still a lot to be done in our house although we moved in one and a half years ago … 😉

    1. sadly, it didn't get done until much later, and while we were in the process of moving out. It looks much the same, minus the stuff. The trim did get put back on, the popcorn ceiling removed, but just a painted ceiling.

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