Family Room Makeover with Bassett Furniture

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Have you ever looked at your house and wondered, where do I start? How do I make this reflect my family, without just becoming a cluttered mess?  I’ve been feeling that way a lot over the past year. Especially after we moved back into an apartment, where adding your own style can be harder than when you own a home. The lack of space has also been difficult to manage.

What am I supposed to do with this room, where we do EVERYTHING! One side is for visitors, family time, television, homework, computer, work, and well…you get the idea. We literally do everything in this one room. On the other side is our kitchen/dining area. Most days it feels like it’s all combined and there is no good distinction between the two. .
So what do you do? You call Bassett Furniture of course.  Did you know that Bassett has design specialists that will come to your home and help you design and decorate to fit your needs and style? It’s so much fun – and a great way to take a break from life. 
So how does it work?  I’ll walk you through my experience with the lovely Katie.  
1st – Contact your local Bassett Design Consultant. Schedule your in-home consultation. 

2nd – Pick up a catalog, or browse the online collection.

Bassett Catalogue
As you go through the catalog, mark it up. Circle what you like, make notes, bend the pages. This gives your consultant a good idea of everything you like. 

3rd – Meet with your consultant and enjoy a nice chat while measuring your room.

Seriously couldn’t have asked for a better consultant than Katie. She came into my home, and I felt like we were best friends who just hadn’t seen each other forever. We talked design, family, dreams, etc. I may hop over to Bassett more frequently just to chat with her. 

4th – Head into Bassett and see what awesome design your consultant has come up with just for you!

Katie was great! She took the “Coastal” theme and colors I want to incorporate into this room and showed me some great fabrics that would work. Since we are on a limited budget, she also showed how I can incorporate a lot of these on my own by painting furniture I have, recovering the couch versus buying a brand new one, and changing up the curtains to lighten things up.

Don’t live near a Bassett? Check them out online and play around with the design tools available on there. If possible though, I do suggest visiting the store – unlike online they often have special sales going on all the time! I don’t think I’ve ever not seen a sale sign outside their doors (and since they’re next to Hobby Lobby, I kind of drive past them a lot!).

Have any suggestions for my room?

4 thoughts on “Family Room Makeover with Bassett Furniture

  1. Good luck decorating… I always get frustrated because I can't believe how much things like chairs cost. But yes, looking at the room a united color them would bring it together. Maybe you can just reupholster instead of buying furniture and just get a rug that will help bring the colors together.

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