Fashion Friday Fall Essentials

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It’s not often I feel completely put together, but today was one of those days. It was freezing cold outside, as we were bracing for an incoming winter storm. My only plans on going out were to drop the kids off at school, and pick them up. No real need to dress up.
It started as a simple decision to toss on my Stars and Stripes scarf from Cents of Style. Then as I was grabbing my flip flops it hit.
Soft, pretty, cute boots. These particular ones are the Rory Gray Heel Buckle Boot from Cents of Style. Now I feel like I could fit in with Rory and Lorelai, all fashionable and smart and witty.

I can easily say this is my best fashionable purchase ever!  They’re cute, stylish, and do a wonderful job at keeping my feet and legs warm during the fall months.

We were leaving a little early to school, and I thought to myself, the only thing that would make this outfit complete, is a cute hat. And what do you know Cents of Style has their winter hats on sale today, plus I’ve got a code for you.

Use Code 50HATS 
How cute is this?
Fashion Friday- 11/22/13- Winter Hats- 50% off & FREE SHIPPING with Code 50HATS
Tell me, what are your Fall Essentials?

4 thoughts on “Fashion Friday Fall Essentials

    1. thanks Nicole! I may have begun my own obsession after this purchase. I find myself browsing boots online when I should be doing more important things.

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