Fashion That Inspires Me to Be a Better Mother

Let your fashion inspire you to change the world in your own little corner. Check out these pieces of Fashion that Inspires me.

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All around us we can find something to spark inspiration. It’s how we choose to see that inspiration and what we do with it that will change us. I like visual reminders in my life, like this fashion that inspires me to be a better mother. I received a product in exchange for this post and will receive compensation if you click on and purchase through the links found here. 

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Let your fashion inspire you to change the world in your own little corner. Check out these pieces of Fashion that Inspires me.

I was checking out the new styles in Cents of Style’s Be Series with Rosalina. There are so many fantastic options, that I was feeling very undecided on who I currently wanted to Be. I asked her what style she thought I should get, and without hesitation, she told me I needed the Be Kind shirt.

I thought for sure she chose it solely for the cute heart design but wanted to be sure. So I asked her why she chose it. 

“Because mostly you yell.”

Knife to the heart! I didn’t think I yelled that much, but perhaps I have fallen into a habit of yelling more than I should. I believe our children pick up on our habits more than we do ourselves. Even if I don’t yell very much, it’s enough that she notices and thinks it’s too much. 

Stop yelling and try to Be Kind and Silly. Check out this fashion that inspires me to be a better Mother. ad

With a hug and a click my decision was made. Be Kind was on it’s way, and my thoughts were already changing. What could I do to not yell so often? I needed this shirt to be my inspiration. A visual reminder that I don’t have to yell. There are other ways to deal with frustrations and impatience than with a raised voice.

Rosalina deals with anger by being silly. For her  a tickle fight and funny faces quickly change our outlook, and usually lead to a kinder discussion that doesn’t involve yelling. Some of my children need a quiet place to go to, while some need a hug and deep breaths.

Check out these fashion trends that inspires me to be a better mother.

Today I’m pairing my Be Kind graphic tee with my Liverpool Jeans. I love bright colors, and these jeans add just the right pop of spring color to the pale pink Be Kind tee. It’s not the only reason I chose these jeans, however. What you can’t see, but I can, is the inspiring message inside my pockets. Printed on the inside of these pockets are the lyrics to Let It Be. Sometimes when remembering to Be Kind in the moment is a little difficult, I need that extra reminder to just let it be. Let the kids be kids, let the messy house be messy, let the world be so I can be. 

What’s the Fashion that Inspires you? Share your Be Story with me in the comments.

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14 thoughts on “Fashion That Inspires Me to Be a Better Mother

  1. I have always loved wearing T shirts with silly sayings just ask my husband who still calls me “cranky”. Your sayings are a lot nicer so I will look for those tees.

  2. I like the idea of dealing with frustrations by being silly. The shirt you picked out is great! It’s a really good color for spring and summer.

  3. I love the color of your jeans. They are perfect for summer. I would love the Be Kind shirt myself. It is a great reminder.

  4. I can get behind an inspiring fashion line like this. I love the pastel colors and mission of this brand.

  5. Very cute shirts! I’ve never been a big fan of pastel’s but I really like the look of these. Thanks for giving me some new clothing ideas!

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