Feed a Child, Nourish a Mind

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It’s Monday morning, you’re getting your child ready for school.

What should you put in their lunch? A water bottle or a juice box? Sandwich or salad? Fruit cups or chopped vegetable?  Maybe you’ll just send them with some lunch money?

“Lack of food can diminish concentration, erode willpower, and strip away a child’s potential. Compound that with prevalence of HIV/AIDS or the trauma of losing parents and loved ones, without food, a child’s attendance and performance at school is severely jeopardized.”

You aren’t worrying that your child is getting the right nutrition because you are present in their life. You are there making sure they eat healthy, go to school, and have all that they need to succeed.

“Nearly 20% of all children in South Africa are orphans, with approximately 1.9 Million of those children orphaned as a result of HIV and AIDS.”

You take your children to the doctor and dentist, making sure they are as healthy as possible. You change their diets if needed.  You do this all after school so they don’t have to miss any education.

“65% of all South African children live in poverty. Receiving food encourages these children to stay in school and obtain their education.”

What are you eating for lunch today?  I’m having a salad. I really nice big salad full of romaine lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, green onions, croutons, and a hard boiled egg.

A salad like this doesn’t cost me very much. Especially in the spring and summer when a lot of the vegetables. I don’t always eat this healthy though. Sometimes I head to the nearest fast food. I spend a lot more when I do that. At least $5.  When my kids are with me, it’s a lot more.

Did you know that just $10 can feed a child their only meal for the day. So if I donate $5, and you donate $5 together we can feed a child.

The Lunchbox Fund is a campaign working to feed 100 South African children a daily meal for a year!  Will you be a part of this movement?

30 thoughts on “Feed a Child, Nourish a Mind

  1. I haven't heard of this before, but I'll be checking it out. My husband and I are very involved with Charity:water, which provides wells. These statistics are so heartbreaking.

  2. It is surprising how many children go hungry in this day and age, and even more surprising that it isn't in the obvious places. Our school PTA quietly sponsors children from poorer families who don't often have breakfast at home to have breakfast at school. I also contribute to our local food bank. It's heartbreaking.

    (Visiting from the SITS comment love week.)

  3. My husband and I have spent a lot of time in South Africa. Have family there and he worked there. This is a very good cause and I hope you meet your goal. South Africa is an awesome country. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. What a great charity, and a good cause. I liked how you put it in perspective with what we take for granted in our owl lives by highlighting the simple things (like a salad) in yours, and that really helped to drive home the point of what is really a very small thing to us, is a very, very big thing for someone else. I hope your posts bring more attention and bring more awareness to your cause!

  5. Thanks for sharing information about this campaign, Adelina. I will be looking into it more and sharing it with my family. We definitely want to do our part in helping others.

  6. What a great campaign – thank you for sharing. We often forget how little it takes to feed a child elsewhere that might only get one meal a day when we are busily going through our days. Thank you for the reminder. Sharing this with friends and family.

  7. This is a great initiative. Its diabolical that there are children starving in this country when our president, Zuma gets to spend tax payers money on 'improvements' to his private home including 'necessities' like an Olympic size swimming pool (for a man who doesn't swim) – millions of rands that should have been used to improve the lives of those in desperate need. Meanwhile the schools are overflowing, understaffed, textbooks and basic necessities are in short supply, children are malnourished – it is a disgrace. Its easy to forget the daily struggle millions face (even when living in the same country)…here we try to help a few people from our local community by providing employment (I've recently taken on a seamstress and am trying to sell the products she creates – my dream is to employ a dozen more ladies and set them up so that they can be proud of what they achieve here and help to support their families). Even for those not going hungry, life is a struggle every day. Its so easy to take for granted our great fortune and its wonderful to see others taking the time out to think about those less fortunate. Thanks for sharing this. Have a wonderful week.
    Warm Regards from sunny South Africa.

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