Fiesta to Feed Families and Twitter Party #Fiesta4Kids

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Champions for Kids Values. ALL Children! #Fiesta4Kids

Giving back to our community is something I am extremely passionate about. So when The Motherhood reached out and asked if I could help spread the word on Simple service to help kids get the nutrition they need, I had to jump on board. 
See, over the years we’ve periodically had to rely on the help of others to put food on our table. It’s frustrating, full of tears, and extremely humbling. It is also a wonderful experience to allow others to have the opportunity to serve. You see service does not just benefit those being served; it serves the givers as well. 
Even when you don’t have a lot, it doesn’t take much to give back to others. Which is the message we’re sharing today. It’s SIMPLE!  Want to know just how simple? Let me tell you about our Taco Party.
Fiesta to Feed Families #Fiesta4Kids

I used Facebook to let all my friends know we were having a Taco Party. Usually people will ask if they can contribute anything to the meal, so this time, instead of asking our guests to contribute to our meal, I requested they bring some non-perishable items to be donated to our local food bank.
So simple, plus for many this was even cheaper than contributing to our meal. Our friends, even though I know many of them are on limited incomes as well, simply went through their cupboards and brought cans and boxes of food they most likely would not be eating. You know we all have some of those. Some families brought a small bag of goods, others brought multiple bags full. It was truly a wonderful thing to see. 


Thanks to Jennie-O we had a delicious Taco Bar set up so through out the party everyone could get fill their plates as needed. Truly the night could not have been more simple to throw together. We did it open house style, since our apt is fairly small and we were planning on around 50 people – both adults and kids.

Friday morning, the kids and I headed out to the Provo Food Bank – find your local food bank – to drop off the many bags our friends and family willingly shared with us. We had about 6 grocery bags full of canned vegetables, soups, tuna, pastas, meal kits, and peanut butter.

I wasn’t entirely sure who to talk to when we arrived, since the inside was just like a large warehouse. But we found a bell to ring, and someone came out and helped us get the food inside to the correct bin. Before he left though, I asked if he would take a moment and tell the kids what exactly they do with all the food that is donated, and how it helps.

Bless her little heart, while the worker was talking, Princess V pulled out her wallet and donated some coins. When it comes to giving to others in true need, this girl is always forefront in helping out. He then let the girls all grab a small box of food and try out the night time drop off chute. They thought that was a ton of food seeing the food drop into the bin after dropping it through the chute. 
What kind of Simple Service will you do?

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