Finding Inspiration {Menu Plan}

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It was a long weekend! Saturday afternoon my little Princess R got a little sick. To be on the safe side, I canceled our plans for the evening. We were going to attend the Army Band Concert with some of Mark’s students.  Instead Mark took the older Princesses to the concert, and I stayed home with the sick girl and baby prince. It turned out to be a pretty nice evening at home.

Sunday rolled around, and Princess R seemed to be feeling much better. She had no fever, and ate a bowl of Fruit Loops for Breakfast.  I only allow sugar cereals on Sunday, so it’s like a treat. They kids look forward to Sunday all week long, so I let her have some.  We went to church, came home and started making lunch, when it happened. Princess R was definitely suffering some kind of tummy bug. Thankfully we had bought some pedialyte on Saturday. I spent the majority of my afternoon and well into the evening taking care of the sick girl, and the Prince – who was starting to act a bit sick himself.

I normally plan our weeks Menu on Sunday, but I didn’t get the chance this weekend. I almost decided to just forego it, and wing dinners all week. That however, has never worked out well for my sanity. So this morning, I went looking for inspiration at of course my Foodie Friday party!  There are so many good recipes linked up over there.

Dinner Menu Plan

Monday – BBQ Chicken Bacon Pasta Bake (leftovers…this is OH so good!)
Tuesday – Chili
Wednesday – Macaroni and Cheese
Thursday – Bruschetta Chicken Pasta
Friday – Salmon and Pasta with Lemon Dill Sauce
Saturday – leftovers
Sunday – Smokey Beans and Rice

2 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration {Menu Plan}

  1. I start to get nervous late in the afternoon if I don't have plan Adelina…it is stressful not to know what you are going to make for dinner. I don't get how people don't plan. I know people who don't even write a shopping list. They tell me, "I just buy what looks good." Well, I do a little of that myself, but unless you have a photographic memory of your fridge and pantry how do you know what meals you can make out of what you bought?

    Well, I hope Princess R is feeling better. I changed my menu yesterday to chicken soup after both my daughter and I came down with a bad cold.

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