First Haircut {Wordless Wednesday}

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I’m one of those lucky moms who give birth to hairy babies. They always have a head full of hair. Prince L was no exception. Being our first boy, meant a haircut sooner than our girls got. Sunday night, Prince L had some Daddy bonding time.  Mark was needing a haircut, so he cut his own hair, and decided what the heck. Prince L is now sporting a cool dude haircut, that really makes him look more boyish, and older.

It would also appear that his hair is going blond now. Maybe it’s just the lighting on short hair though.

2 thoughts on “First Haircut {Wordless Wednesday}

  1. It will grow before you know it. Adorable… so much better than when my husband gave my son his first "summer cut" the kid looked like he was going through chemotherapy.

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