Fitness Challenge week 1

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Fitness Challenge
If you recall my new years “resolutions” from this post, goals number 3 had to do with living a healthier lifestyle.  I was honestly had not yet started to do anything about it.  Then last week I came across this fitness challenge over at Fun on a Dime. Alright! What better way to motivate than some prizes, and good friends!!  We’ve just finished week 1 and I’m thinking 8 weeks is looking awfully long.  (It’s not too late if you’d like to join in the fun!)
Let’s take a look at how I did this last week:
1. Drinking 64 oz of water daily – I’m definitely drinking more  water than I used to. It took until the last two days though to get to 64 oz.  That is ai lot of water!!  Having a purified water faucet next to our regular kitchen faucet has helped immensely though.  It’s so fun getting a glass of water from this little spigot.
2. Exercise 30+ minutes – good! Of course moving into a house has helped. I rarely have had 5 minutes to just sit down.
3. No sugar – NOT GOOD.  I didn’t realize just how much sugar I was eating, or how much I like it.  The hubs has been relentless in not allowing me to have any. I’m very thankful for his support, I would’ve lost this one every week  if it wasn’t for him.
4. 6+ hours of sleep every night – when I read this one, I laughed. I knew I was never going to get that much sleep.  I’e got a 4, 3 and almost 1 year old!  Well what do you know, when I started keeping track I found  I get approximately 6hours of sleep every night.  That knowledge alone has given me more energy and spark.
5. No eating after 8pm – no problem.  I was already trying to do this anyways. If it’s after 8 I grab a glass of water.  Very refreshing  way to go to bed.  

3 thoughts on “Fitness Challenge week 1

  1. That was one of my resolutuions this year too! I actually just joined a gym at the beginning of the month. Im heading over to funonadime now! Congrats on your progress!

  2. Thank YOU for sharing with us all … I too know the suger would be a killer for me especially the chocolate. Ummm question don't the water before bed interrupt the 6 hours? Grin

    ~Expect Miracles

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