Fitness Challenge – Week 7!

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Wondering if I’m still doing this? Oh yes I am! I stopped posting though, because I wasn’t thrilled with myself.  I was doing the majority of the tasks, but my exercise was seriously lacking.  I’m pleased to announce though, that I have recommitted to exercising every day!  A big part of that is that this is the last week of the challenge. The other motivator is my birthday.  I’ll be turning 25 in just 1 1/2 weeks, and if you recall, one of my goals this year was to run a 5k on my birthday.  I’m even more excited because my sister said she’d run with me!!  It is going to be a blast!!  I’ve started running in the evenings again (when the weather is nice), and I try and take a child with me as well.  We got lucky and found a jogging stroller someone was going to throw away, so it was free.  This stroller is awesome, plus it really works the upper body while running as well.
Ok so how am I doing with the rest of the challenge –

  • Drink 64oz+ of water daily – not great, but this challenge has really helped me start choosing water consistently over juice and soda.  I’m not a fan of water flavor though, so I love me some propel (just found a great deal at Winco – .48cents!!)  No sugar, just good old flavored water.  I also have enjoyed some Smart Water.  You can buy them in 32oz bottles, which helps get even more water in a day!
  • Exercise 30+minutes a day – not so great.  I want to, but I just have a hard time finding the time.  It is extremely hard to exercise with a 1yo sitting on your back, or hanging onto your leg. I do believe my crunches are doing double duty though as I have a child pushing on the abdomen at the same time, lol!
  • No sugar – I MISS SUGAR! This has by far been the easiest thing for me to cut out.  I do miss my sugar, but I have been happier, and just felt all over better without the sugar.  I never read labels before, but now I always check at least the sugar content.  Under 10g and I allow myself some, over and I put it back.  Once this challenge is over, I think I will still continue to limit how much sugar I eat, say one brownie after dinner, instead of half the pan?
  • 6+ hours of sleep – Like I said before, I’m amazed that I’m getting this much sleep at night. As a mom of 3 small children, I really thought I was maybe getting hours at most.  Just the knowledge that I do actually get more has changed my attitude.  I handle midnight wakings better, and I don’t complain about lack of sleep anymore.  
  • No eating after 8pm – hard, but successful.  I like eating snacks after the kids go to bed and it’s relaxing time with Mark.  But I’ve stuck to only water after 8, and if I did want to snack, it was on something more nutritious like popcorn or mangoes.
Well, on to the last week! You can check out the whole challenge over at Fun On A Dime, or follow the button on the right sidebar!

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