Flowers…for me?

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Part of Mark’s new job, is also teaching the drama class. Although it’s not what he went to school for, he did work for a local theater production for many years, and knows what he is doing.  Last week they put on Little Shop of Horrors.

A quick summary if you’ve never heard of this musical:

  • An orphan boy was taken in by a flower shop owner. They live on Skid Row, where life is hard, and no one amounts to much. It’s basically the slums.
  • Seymour, the orphan boy finds a strange looking plant, and brings it into the shop. He finds the only food that makes it grow is blood.
  • The plant grows into a man eating giant human trap.

The kids did so good! I know they all worked hard, and I was very excited to see the production. This was Mark’s first theater performance with him as director as well. I couldn’t be more proud of him.

What I wasn’t expecting, however, was to get flowers. After the curtain fell, and bows were given, they called Mark and “his wife” on stage. They had this beautiful flower arrangement for me (no worries, I checked for man eating plants in it, and I think we’re safe). 

In Mark’s 2 previous years of teaching band, I’ve never been called on stage before. I think I like this drama thing. Though someone remind me, wear something nicer than running pants and a tshirt for all future events….
On another note though, Congrats NS High students! You put together a great play, and you all did so well.  You should be very proud of yourselves.

2 thoughts on “Flowers…for me?

  1. You deserve those flowers. You kept the home fires burning and allowed him the extra time to do his job without extra pressure from home. You are wonderful!

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