Food of the World: Cuba

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When I started looking for Cuban recipes for this months Food of the World party, I came across My Big Fat Cuban Family. She has some fantastic sounding recipes, but I was drawn to her churros. I’m still a bit unorganized from moving, and a 3 ingredient recipe was exactly what I needed.

Food of the World: Churros

You’re probably looking at me funky now, because those don’t look like any churro’s you’ve ever seen – and you’d be right. See what I loved about Marta’s recipe besides only having 3 ingredients was that she told me I could make these without any special equipment – the one thing that had been holding me back from making Churro’s in the past.

I pulled out my piping bag and a star tip to whip these babies up, and that’s when I realized they probably weren’t going to work out. I’m not sure what I did exactly, maybe mixed the batter excessively, or boiled the water too long. Whatever it was, I was pretty sure the batter was not supposed to be that thick.

So instead I just piped them into thick logs, and then fried them up. I added a little anise extract, and rolled them in vanilla sugar. I’m thinking all kinds of Churro goodness is going to happen in the future, once I get the batter correct.

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