Food of the World: Lebanon

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Well, I hope you’ll forgive me if you’ve been looking for this month’s food of the world link up here. What a crazy week! Last week I lost my planner, so I was trying to do everything by memory, and just hope I didn’t miss anything important. I did great, except that I forgot to cook up my Lebanese recipe for Food of the World. I’d been browsing the cuisine for awhile, so I have some ideas of what I want to make, it just hasn’t happened quite yet.

So with that said – will you vote for me? Which of these Lebanese dishes would you like to see my take on? Take a look, and leave me a comment with your vote!

(all recipes above I found at Mama’s Lebanese Kitchen)

One thing I found interesting, and Diane mentions this in her post, is how common potatoes are in the Lebanese cuisine. It was a staple I wasn’t quite expecting for that region.

While you are waiting for a recipe for me, don’t forget you can always find the link up over at these wonderful bloggers.

2 thoughts on “Food of the World: Lebanon

  1. Oooh, I vote Stuffed Cabbage Rolls! These look so different from the ones I'm used to with the tomato sauce, but all that garlic and lemon! YUM! In fact, my lemon tree is pretty full right now, and cabbage will be on sale this week, so I'll probably try them soon.

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