Foodie Friday – Cucumber Crisp Sweet Pickles {Guest Recipe}

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Well, I’m in the process of moving in, and that leaves very little time for cooking or baking of any sorts. It’s all quick and easy meals until I figure out the best place for groceries, and get settled back into a routine with the new house and the kids.
Unlike last week, I do actually have a recipe to share this week! Jenn from Terri’s Little Haven and Jenn too, has been so kind to share this recipe for Cucumber Crisp Sweet Pickles.  She’s got some great photos too!  So this fall as we are all out harvesting our crops (you did plant a garden right)…or in my case, the new owners of our house are harvesting mine, why don’t you try pickling and canning your cucumbers!

Cucumber Crisp Sweet Pickles
7 pounds sliced cucumbers
2 gallons water
2 cups pickling lime
9 cups sugar
2 quarts vinegar
3 T pickling spice

Cucumber Crisp Sweet Pickles Recipe

Dissolve lime in water and put in cucumbers.
Let stand in lime 24 hours. Stir occasionally.

Cucumber Crisp Sweet Pickles Recipe

Take cucumbers out and soak in clear water for 4 hours, changing water every hour.

Bring sugar, vinegar and spices to boil. Take cucumbers out of water and pour vinegar, sugar and spice mixture over cucumbers. Let stand overnight.
*I did not have any cheesecloth to put the spices in.

Cucumber Crisp Sweet Pickles Recipe

Next morning let cook 1 hour.

Cucumber Crisp Sweet Pickles Recipe

Seal while hot.

Cucumber Crisp Sweet Pickles Recipe

Cucumber Crisp Sweet Pickles Recipe

When I empty the lime water, I start a new batch.

Cucumber Crisp Sweet Pickles Recipe

This post was sent to us by Jenn, co-owner of Terri’s Little Haven & jenn too; of course she had no hand in the actual planting of the seeds, harvesting the cucumbers or the slaving over a hot stove to come up with this wonderful recipe, but kudos to her for her emailing skills. For more delicious recipes that have been tried and tested by Terri, from her farm in Georgia, visit both Jenn and Terri at their blog Terri’s Little Haven & jenn too.

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11 thoughts on “Foodie Friday – Cucumber Crisp Sweet Pickles {Guest Recipe}

  1. I've always wanted to make pickles but never had enough cukes at one time to try. The new owners of your house are so lucky you left them a garden! Thanks for hosting and the feature, have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my Dark Chocolate Energy Balls! I appreciate it.

    One of these days I am going to make my own pickles. We never seem to have enough cucumbers at one time since we love eating them fresh.

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